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The Big 3

Tesla Model S (Left), Lucid Air (Middle), Porsche Taycan (right). Image is from Bloomberg. com. Photographer: Ed Ludlow of Bloomberg.

When it comes to the best high end electric sedans currently on the road, it really boils down to just these three. The Tesla Model S, Lucid Air, and Porsche Taycan. What’s interesting about all of these is that they all have similar stats, but all designed in a manor and ethos which is completely different. I have mentioned some of the basic statistics above, but lets get down to some of the important factors.

ModelPrice0-60 (100kph)Range (miles)Battery CapaityEfficiencyCharging Speeds
Telsa Model S Performance $94,9902.3s348100kwh, 375 V287 wh/ mile250kw
Lucid Air Dream Edition$169,0002.5s503113kwh, 924 V225 wh/mile300kw
Porsche Taycan Turbo S$185,0002.6s19293.4kwh, 723 V487 wh/ mile270kw

The Model S

Debuting back in 2012, this sport fun to drive car and comes with a hatchback which is one of the most convenient features that a car can have. I had the chance of driving one for just over a month and it is incredible, the speed, the handling, and adaptive suspension make the car pretty much the best all around vehicle you can for the money, especially if you get the car in used condition.

Lucid Air

The brand new vehicle which has just rolled out yesterday and production should be starting in spring of 2021. The only flaw I see in the car is that fact that it doesn’t have a hatchback and the opening to put items inside seems a bit too small. This reminds me of the Model 3 which in my opinion should have come with a hatchback in itself, but that is a separate topic in itself.

Porsche Taycan

Oh the Porshce Taycan, the least efficient electric vehicle on the road today! The car is meant to be amazing to drive and pack a punch, and low down torque which is currently unpatch because of its 2 gear transmission. The car was specifically design for outright performance around the track and live up to the Porsche racing name of the likes of the 911 GT2RS which won’t happen because of its incredible weight.

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