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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3 is not yet a commercial and industrial success. But the cannon launch on March 31 of the California firm’s first “accessible” electric car, which collected 325,000 pre-orders in just one week, is more than a success story.

This enthusiasm, even if it has to be put into perspective, underscores a reality: until then, electric cars intended for the general public have never been able to excite the passion of automobile enthusiasts.

The Model 3 has two important advantages. Expected at the end of 2017 at the floor price of 35,000 dollars (31,000 euros) excluding public premiums, it is affordable. Compared to the Model S, launched in 2012, and the Model X, which has been on the market for a few weeks, it is at least half the price.

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Tesla Model S


The Tesla Model S is unquestionably the best car in the world, it combines respect for the environment with the best technology. It’s simple, this car captivates and allows potential buyers to take a serious interest in electric motors.

The Tesla Model S succeeds the Tesla Roadster, an electric vehicle for “The Happy-few” which allowed the brand to design this sedan more general but unquestionably exceptional.

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Tesla Model X


The Tesla Model X was presented in the Tesla studios of Los Angeles in February 2012 and later at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. This new vehicle is based on the Model S platform and will be produced in the same factory. The Model X should have 7 real seats that can accommodate 7 adults (compared to 2 for the roadster and 5 for the Model S – with an option for two additional children).

Production was originally scheduled to start in late 2013 but has been postponed several times and deliveries were originally scheduled for 2014. While a prototype has been spotted performing road tests, the company now hopes to begin deliveries during for the third quarter of 2015.

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The performances of this car are astounding. On the circuit, this vehicle is capable of passing from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.7s with a top speed of 313 km / h. Its main feature is in its wheels. Each one houses an electric motor with an independent gearbox. These 4 motors deploy a total power of 1000KW (1360hp).

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In November 2016, Jaguar announced its new concept of electric SUV, the I-PACE concept, described as a “sports SUV”. After the success of F-PACE, which won the “World Car of the Year” award and the “Design Award” at the World Car of the Year at the begin of 2017, Jaguar is combining luxury with ‘electric.

For the first time, the English brand is launching an electric model with 500km of NEDC autonomy, and an engine delivering 400 horsepower with a torque of 700 Nm. For comparison, remember that the Tesla Model X has a 762 horsepower engine and reaches to 542 km of NEDC autonomy with its most powerful version.

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E-tron is the name that Audi has chosen for its first 100% electric model. Needless to say, at Tesla Magazine, we are patiently waiting to see what the German brand will offer to the automotive world, but above all to its customers.

Indeed, Audi is a premium brand that sells its gasoline vehicles very well thanks to a technological expertise which must not be proven. More than market effects, Audi concentrates its efforts on satisfying its customers, according to a person in charge of the mark “the reason which explains the absence of communication on electrical subjects”, there was no question of following the competition without a suitable response.

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Fisker Karma


The TESLA MOTORS and FISKER AUTOMOTIVE companies, although rivals, are both part of the same U.S. program. Department of Energy (DoE), the “Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program” (ATVM). This program benefited from an overall financial capacity of $ 25 billion, including a conditional lending capacity of $ 8 billion, on a vote by Congress in the fall of 2008. The ATVM aimed to encourage the production of ecological and economical vehicles , in order to reduce the dependence of the USA on its imports of hydrocarbons.

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Renault Zoé Version 1


Car manufacturers who produce a 100% electric model are do rarely pay attention to it. So we therefore decided, within the framework of Tesla Magazine and our association the Tesla Club of France, to test competing electric vehicles.

To provide you with some background information, you have to keep in mind that the French electric automobile market is less than 1.5% of all vehicles sold. (2012 data, New Factory)

We had the chance to test the Renault Zoé, THE answer from Renault for the 100% electric automobile market. This city car is part of the Z.E. which is supposed to be a label for the brand’s future with ambitious goals – Even if they have been reduced slightly because of disappointing sales.

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Mercedes GLE 500 E


The meeting is set at the Mercedes dealership in Rueil-Malmaison to collect the car to be tested: a Mercedes GLE500e 4 MATIC. An SUV capable of combining the power of a gasoline engine of more than 300 horsepower with an electric motor of more than a hundred, more ecological but also more economical.

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Lexus NX 300h


Lexus is a brand that belongs to Toyota, the world number one and for all the relationships that there may have been between Tesla and Toyota, we really wanted to test a hybrid model of this brand. Simply to understand the place of the hybrid in a rapidly changing automotive market. Believe us, we are going to live years worthy of a Darwin novel. Oil is dead? Who writes the rest of the story? Consumers or manufacturers?

We decided to test the Lexus NX, a hybrid SUV out of this very dynamic market in recent times, it is clearly not for nothing that Elon Musk chose this market segment for its third electric automobile: The Tesla Model X.

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Photography: Christoph Bauer Postproduction: Wagnerchic –

The electric mobility of tomorrow is coming to the Geneva International Motor Show: Porsche unveils the Mission E Cross Turismo, concept car of an electric motorized crossover (CUV).

4.95 m long, the equivalent of a Model S, this model has four doors and four seats. Its 800 volt architecture allows it to be compatible with an ultra-fast charging network, again equivalent to Tesla Supercharger. In addition, it can be recharged by induction, via a charging station or via the Porsche home energy management system. The first system (induction) remains full of promise but has not been marketed which, only, would ensure its validity.