Not surprisingly, Tesla is already worth twice the market capitalization of Fiat and has become a serious competitor for many brands including giants like GM.


When Tesla is working to organize the electric car market, some manufacturers only want to hold the helm. GM is one of those manufacturers who suffered through the dark years during the trough of the economic crisis and were clearly saved by the Obama administration.

Of course, GM has had its heyday and owns a large number of famous car brands, including Cadillac.

This high-end brand of notoriety will be the first to produce a high-end hybrid car. Even if the hybrid doesn’t compete directly with the electric, GM’s boss is determined to make the Cadillac ELR a competitor for the Tesla Model S.

Myth or reality?

What’s important to remember is that the Cadillac ELR will be able to enjoy a longer range than the Tesla Model S because of its hybrid powertrain, but is that a sufficient argument to make this Cadillac a strong competitor?

GM has indicated that a team is dedicated to studying Tesla Motors’ strategy and intends to compete with Tesla on a level playing field.

GM’s CEO is convinced that the full electric car is not in line with market demands, unlike the hybrid, which he believes is the answer. The Cadillac ELR is scheduled for the first quarter of 2014.


It is well known that one man’s misfortune makes another man happy. GM can surf the Tesla trend.

If this Cadillac is a commercial failure, the Tesla brand will have won a great battle against the automotive giants and will have its place among them.

It’s in this sense that Elon Musk is gloating at the thought of seeing BMW and GM embark on some sort of electric performance match.

It’s always interesting to know that Tesla supplies renowned manufacturers with chassis and electric powertrain components. Since its inception, Tesla Motors has gained a lot of expertise.

The Tesla Model X is getting ready

Far from verbal jousting, Tesla Motors is developing its Tesla Model X, which will be THE new challenge for Tesla because there will inevitably be comparisons between the quality of the two vehicles knowing that the Tesla Model X goes even further in technological innovation.


Tesla has started a trend, that of manufacturers producing only electric cars. Tesla is the only manufacturer that has managed to withstand the crisis and win over the market.

GM is building on Tesla’s success by trying to position itself as a suitable competitor, but these two manufacturers are far from being competitors because Tesla is indeed alone in its market and intends to remain so by creating a network of electrical infrastructures alongside exceptional cars.

It is this strategy that will enable Tesla to become a leading car brand. Translated with (free version)

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