Rivian, top exec buy a Model Y and promote the experience


Michael R. Ojaghian is Director, Rivian Service and worked for Tesla in the past. He took time on Linkedin to share a youtube review of Model Y and its experience of buying this vehicle easly and fastly through its phone. There is no competitor in new mobilities At Tesla Magazine we strongly believe that all new car companies developing EV and PHEV vehicles are not competitor because the market is growing. Real competitors are fuel engine. Rivian is one of the most sensitive competitor for Tesla because they are coming with one product build for America customers and with a true ambition.

EV : What are the WLTP cycle and autonomy?


Since September 2018, the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) standard is in force and is gradually replacing the old NEDC standard that has been in existence since the 1970s. This new test was implemented by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in coordination with India and Japan. These two standards exist to calculate as accurately as possible the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of each vehicle over a given cycle. In practical terms, it allows you to compare vehicles with respect to their range to make your choice easier. We will therefore see how the WLTP

Hydrogen in Transportation: What’s the Future?

Hydrogen Bus

Hydrogen is increasingly being talked about for green transport. We will therefore study this technology, its advantages and shortcomings, and look to the future. WHAT IS IT? When we talk about hydrogen vehicles, we may think it is an engine using hydrogen as a fuel or we may simply not know what it is. So let's start by explaining what it is. There are two ways to use hydrogen to power a vehicle, but in both cases, it must first be separated from the elements with which it is naturally associated. This can be done by steam reforming of natural gas (a fossil

Autonomous vehicles: a potential revolution for urban mobility

Autonomous car

Autonomous vehicles can provide affordable, safe and sustainable transportation for all, including children, the elderly and the disabled. This is why the UITP (International Association of Public Transport) carried out a study on this subject in January 2017. We will therefore try to understand how autonomous vehicles can revolutionise our urban transport system and what we need to do to ensure that this does not turn into a fiasco. A NEW CHANCE FOR THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM The arrival of autonomous vehicles in cities can help to develop cities that are more accessible to the entire population, more environmentally friendly with less

Luck and Tailwinds


Tesla has now announced the production and sales units for the second quarter of 2020, April to June. These mid-pandemic numbers exceeded the expectations of even the most optimistic analysts and the share price immediately jumped approximately 8% to reach all-time highs of about 1200 USD. Production and deliveries of Tesla during Q2-2020. Tesla does not break down the numbers per region, simply giving out production and delivery volumes for both vehicle families (S and X as one, 3 and Y as the other). These numbers represent a drop of about 5% compared to 2019’s equivalent 3-month period. Such results would normally be

The Tesla Semi to revolutionize road transport?

Tesla continues to move forward with the Tesla Semi, whose mass production has just been announced. That's why, we're going to enlighten you on the impact of this new find from the American company on road transport, between safety, autonomy and changes in laws. A MARKET THAT WILL GET CARRIED AWAY WITH OR WITHOUT THE SEMI TESLA. To cope with pollution and climate change, the electric car market is at the heart of the debate. With the 8% of national carbon dioxide emissions in France due to trucks (according to CITEPA), manufacturers are therefore investing more and more to conquer the market

Tritium’s New Plug and Charge Technology

Tritium, a manufacturer of electric charging stations, is launching a new technology that will, among other things, allow users to pay for the charge directly with their car and hopes to improve the user experience. The Australian company explains this in a 7-page document. A NEW TECHNOLOGY INVENTED BY TRITIUM Tritium's starting point was the need to simplify the user experience when loading a vehicle, which can be a hindrance for new buyers but also for owners of hybrid vehicles. Users will then only have to plug and charge their vehicle and will be charged directly via the charging cable. Indeed, it can