Last year, Elon Musk announced the construction of his new Giga factory in Grünheide in the German region of Brandenburg. This number 4 Gigafactory will be added in 2021 to the first three Tesla factories. These are located respectively in Nevada in the United States (1), New York (2), and Shanghai (3). A solution for every problem The construction of this huge factory by the Californian firm came up against many pitfalls from the outset. First of all, two environmental associations, the "Grüne Liga" and the "Association for Landscape Conservation and Species Protection in Bavaria" (VLAB) filed a complaint in summary proceedings.

Q2 2020 : Tesla’s results


Tesla has sent to all its shareholders the report for the second quarter of 2020 containing the financial results but also the progress of the Californian brand in its various fields. So we'll see what's going on. VERY GOOD FINANCIAL RESULTS Despite the crisis that is still being felt in this quarter's results due to covid-19 limited production and confinement including the closure of the Fremont plant for half the quarter, Tesla continues to make money. Indeed, Tesla wanted to highlight to its shareholders an increase in cash flow of $535 million, bringing it to $8.6 billion. This is due in part

Ceramic treatment: we tell you everything! (+ garage partners)

traitement ceramique tesla model 3

The practice of ceramic treatment interests more and more members but still remains the greed of the initiates. I don't always understand all the motivations of owners of Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X or any other luxury vehicle who, after buying their vehicle with a superb color, go to specialized garages to have it treated with ceramics. Here's a little guide to help you understand. What is the purpose of having a ceramic treatment carried out Beyond the aesthetic aspect, which remains at the discretion of each person's tastes and colours, we were able to select three main motivations

Cybertruck: Mayor of Tusla, Oklahoma wants to believe it


Definitely, it can be confusing to want to understand politics in the United States, but one must recognize a certain spontaneity that can, on the lightest issues, make one smile. Tesla would hesitate between Tusla and Austin Lively exchanges between Alameda County and Elon Musk County in connection with the safe return to work for Tesla employees at Fremont have accelerated discussions between Tesla and Texas on many issues. Among these issues, the implementation of the next Cybertruck plant, the futuristic pickup truck whose failed video presentation (really?) is still making the buzz. However, it would appear that the choice of Texas is

Tesla Model 3: sales in China halved in April

tesla model 3 Chine

In assessing the economic aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, China is a benchmark. Indeed, the country was deconfined on April 7, well before the Western countries. We communicated on the good sales performance in the second week of April and we take stock after a full month. Sales down sharply in April According to The China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) Tesla sold 3635 Model 3 in April versus 10160 in March. (-64%) This figure probably explains the tension Elon Musk is currently displaying on Twitter about the factory and Tesla Store closure measures. And when Elon Musk recalls the experience gained by his

Pokémon Go soon on Tesla?


Elon Musk has always taken the feedback from Tesla owners very seriously. Especially when the requested evolution brings a fun side to Tesla or when it concerns superchargers and these requests are sent to him via Twitter. Do you remember? One of the first Tweet that was followed by effect was that of Loïc Le Meur in 2016 who hooked the boss of Tesla by informing him that many idiots were parking in the spaces reserved for Tesla. He immediately replied by "(…) we will take action. » Pokémon superchargers? Right now social networks are overwhelmed with videos of owners from around the world

Tesla files complaint against Alameda County (+ Update 11.05.2020)


We were announcing an imminent reopening of the Fremont, California plant, and this is indeed Elon Musk's plan. However, there was a twist in the story as Tesla filed a lawsuit in Northern California court on Saturday, May 9 against the county of Alameda where the plant is located. The Facts Alameda County explained at a public meeting that the county had not given Tesla the green light to reopen immediately and that they would not be able to do so until June 1. What Tesla is blaming Alameda County for Upon reading the complaint, Tesla charges the following facts: On March 20, 2020, the