Elon musk has travelled to Germany for a few days to discuss some of the most pressing times we have had in the last few months and his planned partnership for the future of Covid-19 vaccine plans and Giga Berlin.

According to Reuters “Elon Musk met with three German ministers and other senior politicians on Wednesday to discuss the progress of a collaboration between the car maker and a German biotech company and a planned electric vehicle factory.”

CureVac Machine : what is it?

Tesla will make an alliance with vaccine developer CureVac CVAC.O. (which are currently trending upward). Tesla’s part will be the development of mobile mRNA molecule printers or “RNA microfactries” as Elon stated, also mentioning that these factories could be built at Tesla Grohmann Automation in Germany, Musk said in a Twitter. It really seems like someone has stepped up to the plate solve this issue.

Elon Musk
Featured image: Brandenburg State Chancellery

As for Giga Berlin Bloomberg has mentioned “Germany’s economy minister promised Elon Musk the government will help in whatever way needed to get Tesla Inc.’s Berlin plant up and running as soon as possible.” Tesla is moving quickly in its development of factores to produce the car requirement which it needs in Europe which is definitely the most electric vehicle focused market in the world.

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