Recently India communicate about a new vision and a transition. Delhi CM, Arvin Kejriwal announced that 25% of automotive should be EV by 2024 in Delhi. How he wants to achieve this objective?

Delhi top EV city in India

Delhi aerial

Arvin Kejriwal, really wants to lead EV revolution in India and at Tesla Magazine we like that because it means fighting pollution. An ennemy that everybody accept that’s why we are always happy to announce action taken by authorities.

– Zero Registration Fee

– Zero Road Tax for E-Vehicles

– ₹30,000 subsidy on E-Rickshaw

– 200 charging stations

– Loan waiver scheme on purchase of E-Vehicles

– E-buses

India should be leader soon in EV transition

india gate

All of those good receipts shows very positive effects in other countries. In India it’s compulsory to have affordable EV. Those objectives should help a lot as in Delhi E-buses will the best ad.

Especially in this country we expect a true revolution in EV as people are more and more able to buy a car. Let’s discover a bit of India now!

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