If Elon Musk has scared the world with his communication around the Coronavirus, his actions are up to the character.

As of next week, the company’s plants should be helping to produce: 1,000 respirators as of next week and 2,500,000 N95 type masks and thousands of gloves for American hospitals and public infrastructures as of tomorrow.

On Twitter, thousands of Tweets are written to thank the billionaire. To this day, we count thanks from..:

– UCLA University

– Medtronic: Elon worked with them to define the production processes for ventilators.

Some people are also urging Mr Musk to deliver to Europe, but it should be remembered that LVMH has also modified its production lines to supply hydroalcoholic gel to French hospitals and that unfortunately the initiative is not necessarily well received.

These efforts are considerable to support public initiatives, thanks to all the companies involved in resolving this situation quickly. It is the inaction of others that must be addressed!



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