Presentation of the Tesla Model 3

We are now interested in one of the flagship cars of the famous American manufacturer Tesla: the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model3


Aside from the electric battery, Tesla’s car has little in common with most other electric vehicles.

First of all, the Dual Motor transmission, its carbon fibre spoiler, 20” wheels and lowered suspension allow the car to reach a top speed of 261 km/h and a time of 3.4s to exceed 100 km/h for its performance version.

Tesla Model3

But the American manufacturer does not stop there and wants to insist on the safety of this vehicle. Indeed, even with its all-glass roof, the Tesla Model 3 has very high crashworthiness, which has earned it five stars in all categories of the Euro NCAP safety test.


Tesla has also focused on technological features to make the buyer want to buy. To increase vehicle safety, Tesla has integrated Autopilot mode, which enables lane keeping, acceleration and braking in its lane, car parking and automatic lane changing on motorways. Gadgets such as internet radio, heated seats or a custom audio system are also present.

intérieur de la Tesla Model3


The battery of the Tesla Model 3 changes according to its version. For the standard version, its 50 kWh battery allows an autonomy of more than 400km according to WLTP standards. A long autonomy version allows to reach the 530km WLTP, which defies any competition.

For recharging the vehicle, several solutions are possible.

At home, a 3.7kW connector will be useful to charge the 20km car every hour. The other solution will be to get a WallBox in addition to the type 2 plug provided by Tesla to be able to have a 11KW charge. This will increase the autonomy by 65 km every hour.

Tesla Model3

In the city, it will be possible to use public services thanks to this same 3-phase type 2 cable, but only in 11kW and not in 22kW, which will slow down the load compared to the Renault Zoé.

The big difference from its competitors is that the Tesla Model 3 can support a load of up to 250kW. It can therefore recover 80% of its autonomy in only 30 minutes. It is equipped with the Combo CCS standard which will allow it to be recharged on the Tesla supercharger network but also on the network of third parties such as Ionity or Fastned.

Tesla Model3


So the Tesla Model 3 is not in the same league as most other electric cars. In fact, in addition to being more powerful, its range and fast charge allow it to be a candidate for long journeys. It is therefore a very versatile electric model.

Tesla Model3

In addition, the design and the integrated Autipilot show that the range is different and this is reflected in the price. Indeed, while the basic version of most electric vehicles is between 30,000 and 40,000 euros, the Tesla Model 3 is sold between 50,000 and 65,000 euros depending on the version chosen.

The Tesla Model 3 in brief

  • A range of 400 or 530 km depending on the model.
  • A price starting at 50,000 euros.
  • Recharging in 9 hours at home and in 30 minutes on the fast charging stations.
  • A wide variety of uses ranging from daily urban journeys to the longest journeys.