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Podcast #4: Q1 2020 financial results pre-release update (french)

Résultats Q1 2020

We have a quick update on what to watch for at tomorrow’s conference call. Stay tuned!
Comment the article: www.tesla-mag.com/bourse-les-10-po…ts-a-surveiller/…ts-a-monitor/
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Podcast #3: Dr Gregory Chew and its exclusive Tesla Model 3

We had the pleasure to share some words with a Tesla Rockstar! You may not know Dr. Gregory Chew but he was treated to a forum on Teslarati in late March. Why? Quite simply because he managed to add a set of LEDs in the interior of his Tesla Model 3. We wanted to know more and we will certainly keep in touch with him for news.

Podcast #2: Discussion with David multi-owner of Tesla in Luxembourg

We share with an electric vehicle owner about its use, its anecdotes and its vision of the electric vehicle.


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Podcast #1: Learn more about the start-up SmartGreen Charge

Tesla Magazine had the honour of discussing Smart Green Charge with Hervé Mathiasin and Georges Audras.

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