The automotive industry has long relied on style, performance and accessories to sell us dreams. But Elon Musk’s firm has changed the paradigm with its 100% electric model.

Advertising is inseparable from the automotive world, we visualize hours of car ads and we finally understood that this profusion of special effects was just a smoky screen in a market in full reconstruction. Tesla has distinguished itself as an electric icon by taking on every technological choice thanks to a charismatic captain who fundamentally knows where he’s going.
At the same time, car brands have spent so much money on advertising that we cannot rely on any one particular message. Everyone promotes the pleasure of travel.

Our societies have also evolved. In the past, the car was highly statutory, a sure sign of success, but this is no longer the case. On the contrary, cars are seen as expensive and very polluting.
Licensing has become an ordeal that millennials are increasingly ignoring because it is seen as nonsense when they look in detail at the costs associated with owning a vehicle.

We have clearly moved from the air of ownership to the air of rental: carpooling and rental platforms between private individuals have materialized this movement.

And in the middle of it all, there’s Tesla. The first Roadster was delivered to Elon in 2008, 12 years ago now. He made the bet to make it sexy with this model for the privileged. This has greatly improved the public’s perception of the electric vehicle.
In this sense, Tesla is comparable to Apple for the computer industry. Steve Jobs had indeed attacked IBM by betting on the design to torpedo the grey blocks that served as a micro-computer.

The vehicle’s mad drive has changed thanks to the progress of the start-up, which has refused all sirens and has relied on technology above all else. Geeks are still the heart of the target for these extraordinary vehicles. Luxury has been redefined far beyond the diesel or petrol SUVs offered by the competition.
This will obviously change because in a few years time, all car brands will offer an electric luxury vehicle with equipment to make the vehicle autonomous.

In this area, the electrical brand is ahead of the competition because it has an impressive DATA pool to run very powerful AI algorithms to improve the autonomous performance of the entire Tesla fleet. The future success of the brand is truly here because in this race, the numbers are no longer trivial. There are now more than 900,000 Tesla’s on the road, so much diagnostic data on driver behaviour, performance reports, a flow of data that is growing exponentially. No manufacturer in the world has so much data on its vehicles and analysts estimate that the manufacturer is seven years ahead of the others.

This data could allow Tesla to open a new revenue line by selling samples to other manufacturers, in the manner of a Google with their DATA maps.

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