Two major events have shaken the planet SpaceX in the last 7 days. The return to Earth of the Crew Dragon capsule and the first successful launch for the Starship shuttle, which should reach Mars soon. Tesla Magazine offers you to understand the next steps for SpaceX and the aerospace world.

SpaceX Mission-2 is a success

SpaceX crew dragon

The return of the Crew Dragon capsule on August 02nd makes it possible to declare mission-2 a success. The flight was initially scheduled for 27.05.2020 and was postponed to 30.05.2020 for safety reasons. After 63 days in space, the return of astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken aboard the Crew Dragon capsule was followed.

This is the first successful manned mission for a private company. SpaceX wanted to communicate the autonomous nature of the departure procedures with the International Space Station.

The Crew Dragon capsule arrived in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico having lost some colour but the images were very well filmed. See for yourself:

Following the successful launch, NASA and SpaceX teams are currently preparing the Crew-1 mission and announcing the list of astronauts in the process of certification: Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins, Shannon Walker, and JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi. This mission is scheduled to take place in 6 months.

One more step towards the conquest of Mars


The successful launch of the SN5 prototype, SpaceX’s most advanced shuttle, was expected. Indeed, on its youtube channel SpaceX allows anyone to follow the development of this shuttle.


So this is the first time that this starship or SN5 flew for a minute to come back to earth. This is a hailed feat and marks another step towards the conquest of Mars.

Currently, the prototype looks like a 30m high silo and the feat is as much to make it fly as it is to bring it back to earth. It is now a trademark of the SpaceX company which allows to materialize a little more the vision of Elon Musk.

Indeed, Elon Musk would like to colonize Mars by sending several such shuttles from barges positioned in the oceans.

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