The Tesla community is simply exceptional. We had the great privilege, as part of our launch in the United States, to talk with Dr. Gregory Chew in an exclusive podcast. We introduce you to a Californian owner who has a unique Tesla Model 3 in the world.

A Tesla Model 3 “Nerd”

Dr Gregory Chew calls himself a Tesla Nerd, he is an absolute fan of the brand but he knows how to be critical (just like our community). All the members recognize that in the Tesla Model 3, it lacks a bit of light. With our experience, we know that owners are very willing when it comes to bringing something new to their Tesla. Whether it’s a center console, a missing clip, or carbon fiber customizations.

It is fantastic to see that these modifications are made without questioning the fundamental characteristics of the product and it is important to know that these modifications are totally in the DNA of the brand. Remember that Tesla’s patents were declared free of rights very early on, that the promotion is only carried out by Elon Musk who tweets tips to discover and that the technical teams regularly propose hidden modes to be discovered while searching!

Tutorial to achieve the same result

Dr Gregory Chew purchased a LED kit from the XKGlow site and then dedicated 15 consecutive days of work to achieve such an installation.

The interesting thing is that Dr. Chew is not a mechanic at all, he insists it’s within everyone’s reach. And he says he’s willing to go with Tesla Model 3 owners to integrate these features.

Dr Chew interior’s Model 3

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 40 feet of Fiber Optic Roll (sold in 6’ lengths)
  • 12 XKCHROME RGB LED 5v Heads (each headlights nicely for about 3 feet)
  • 1 Bluetooth Smartphone XKCHROME App Controller (to power the 12v LED parts)
  • 4 XKCHROME RGB LED 12” 12v Tubes (placed to light each footwell)
  • 4 XKCHROME RGB LED 12v Mini-Pods (placed above each door’s cupholder area)
  • 18 1-to-3 Splitter Blocks
  • 20 (6 foot) XKCHROME Extension Wires (Some included in the kit)
  • 14 (3 foot) XKCHROME Extension Wires (Some included in the kit)

All you have to do is let your creativity speak for itself and, above all, follow Dr. Chew who, I have no doubt, will manage to share his experience in the best possible way.

If you are interested in this customization, we invite you to write us, we will make the link and we will publish other exclusive contents!


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