Did you know the Tesla was a geek car? Did you still doubt it? With this product, you’re not gonna be able to doubt it anymore. We’re announcing the creation of a global private slacker with owners who constantly scan the global after-market and share the best information with our community.

A ring to open your Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y

You have read correctly, it is now possible to open your Tesla Model 3 and soon for Europe your Tesla Model Y. This product has been tested and approved by our US mentor, Dr Chew. Take a look at his Instagram account, you will see that he is a star owner of the aftermarket and especially of the integration on his Tesla of these accessories found in the 4 corners of the world, which is not exactly the same thing.

By the way, look at his garage!


Once paired with your card, the ring works exactly like a secondary key. The ring is perfectly autonomous to open your Tesla and you can of course continue to use your card to open it.

The ring itself

  • Material: Zirconia ceramic key ring (Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly environnement)
  • Circonference: 5,18 cm / 5,43 cm / 5,72 cm / 5,94 cm / 6,22 cm / 6,5 cm / 6,69 cm
  • Clese carriage diameter: 16.5 mm / 17.3 mm / 18.2 mm / 18.9 mm / 19.8 mm / 20.7 mm / 21.3 mm
  • Thickness: less than 2.5 mm (ring size can be selected according to your measurements, manual measurement, there may be an error of 0.5 to 1 cm)
  • Color: black / white

How does the ring work?

  • This ring is activated with your official Tesla card. The creator of this product, has extracted the chip from the official key to integrate it in his Zirkon ring. It is therefore perfectly compatible with your vehicle and you manage it exactly like a key.
  • Your Model 3 is sold with two access cards and this ring allows you to have a third means of access when your phone is not accessible or if you want to entrust it to a third party (valet or driver for example).
  • To open or close the vehicle, simply tap the ring gently against the driver-side door pillar.
  • If you use the ring to start your car, you don’t need to remove the ring to place it on the cup holder as you currently experience with the key.

Happy Birthday Tesla Mag! Seven years already!

I hack this article to announce the creation of our anniversary T-shirt to celebrate the occasion! Thank you for being here for so long! Thanks to the founding members! Thanks to the Plus Members! Thanks to our readers!

How do I get this ring?

With this product we are inaugurating the Tesla Magazine marketplace and we are integrating this product into the marketplace today. The seller offers it to you at 99€ instead of the usual 120€. Contact us now!

Attention: Tesla Magazine offers this product in the Marketplace, i.e. we do not sell it directly.

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