Tesla Model X


The Tesla Model X is the third electric vehicle from Tesla Motors. After the Roadster and the luxury sedan (Tesla Model S), it’s the Crossover that becomes electric in the hands of Tesla Motors.

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The Model X concept car was presented in Tesla studios in Los Angeles in February 2012 and then at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. This new vehicle is based on the Model S platform and will be produced in the same factory. . The Model X should have 7 real seats that can accommodate 7 adults (against 2 for the roadster and 5 for the Model S – with an option for two additional children).

Production was originally scheduled to start in late 2013 but has been postponed several times and deliveries were originally scheduled for 2014. While a prototype has been spotted performing road tests, the company now hopes to begin deliveries during for the third quarter of 2015.

The Model X will be sold with an optional hitch, something quite rare for electric vehicles in this segment, which will allow towing trailers thanks to an advance in the law of motor control to adapt to the greater load during the towing.



The Model X should use the same technologies as the Model S and receive the same updates. However, some different technical characteristics.

The Model X will come standard with two electric motors, one at the front, the other at the rear, providing a 4-wheel drive transmission. The 0 to 100 km / h should be shot in just over 4 seconds, exceptional performance for an SUV.

While the front doors are conventional, the rear doors, called “Falcon doors” are butterfly doors allowing easy access to the rear seats and in particular the two rear seats.

In order to gain autonomy by reducing drag, the exterior mirrors had initially to be removed to be replaced by small cameras, but because of the legislation in certain countries not yet authorizing this practice, the Model X will be equipped with classic mirrors.

Finally, following a video of the Model X seen on a Californian road, nothing is certain, but an involuntary line crossing control seems to be available. This technology would keep the car on track when the driver is not alert and unintentionally crosses the white lines.


Regarding the autonomy of the vehicle, the Model X will be provided with the same batteries as the Model S, namely 70 kWh and 85 kWh. Tesla Motors still announces that the autonomy will be 10% less than that of Model S, whatever the battery chosen, because of the heavier weight of this vehicle.


The marketing has not yet started, the price of the Model X is not yet available, however, since it is based on the same characteristics as the Model S, we can think that the price will be similar, even slightly higher, to that of his big sister.

TV appearance

The TV series “Extant”, created by Mickey Fisher and broadcast in France from September 29, 2014 on the M6 channel, takes place in a futuristic world where cars are electric and autonomous, and in addition to being able to observe many Model S, a few SUVs resembling Model X appear regularly on the screen. The series has been renewed for a second season scheduled for July 1, 2015 on the other side of the Atlantic. If the series is extended enough, as for the Model X, we may have the pleasure of seeing the future Model 3 appear in a next episode well before seeing it on our roads.


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