The Tesla Model Y is sometimes preferred by future customers of the brand. Only problem, it is not yet available in Europe and the first deliveries have just started in the United States, so we will have to be patient. Here is a practical sheet which gathers the essential information to make your choice. 

Tesla Model Y price: more expensive or less expensive than the Model 3?

More expensive! And that’s normal since the Model Y and a compact SUV displaying characteristics very different from the Model 3. The Model Y is available in two versions: Large Autonomy from € 63,000 and Performance from € 70,000

The brand’s website also announces a standard autonomy model which should go into production at the beginning of 2022 and which will logically be even cheaper than these two versions. Depending on the Model 3 version, you will have to pay a minimum of € 15,000 more to acquire a Model Y.

Tesla Model Y availability: Patience, yes, but how long?

First of all, you should know that mass production for Europe is very much linked to the construction of the German Gigafactory. Even if construction has been delayed by the coronavirus, everything will be done for an opening in 2021. So for France and Europe, it will be necessary to wait until the end of 2021 to be among the first customers delivered.

Tesla Model Y specifics: design, autonomy, modular seats, autopilot

For the Tesla Model Y, from 2021, you will have the choice of adapting the cabin into 5 or 7 seats when ordering. The comparison with the Tesla Model 3 is obvious with dimensions that vary from 50 to 70 cm.

On the autonomy side, Tesla did it right since we can’t compare the standard models of the two models. So let us give you an idea with the performance version, between the Tesla Model 3 performance which displays 530 km of autonomy and the Tesla Model Y performance which displays 480 km of autonomy, we observe a difference of 50 km in autonomy.

Which is reasonable considering the bolder design of the Tesla Model Y.

For the autopilot, the principle will be the same as for the Tesla Model 3. A standard version which offers advanced autonomous driving capabilities among which, autonomous navigation on the highway and lane change. Also an optional version that will offer the latest features announced such as reaction to traffic lights. Read our autopilot article to better understand

Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3?

To summarise: we find it interesting to share the design differences observed between the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. What do you think?

tesla model 3 vs tesla model Y

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