Tesla Magazine love to promote EV owners because they are the best example for other people to choose EV. All EV Owners are precursor, today we put the light on an Instagram friend @tesla_mamba_3

Tesla Owner Background

I work in the Tourism Industry, and I’m the Online Marketing Director at Santa Cruz. I chose to go EV because seeing Elon’s mission in innovating the world’s progression in going electric inspired me! My first experience riding in a Tesla was from a buddy of mine and ever since then, he made me pull the trigger in switching cars. Also I was coming from a BMW so I wanted the luxury feel of a vehicle without having the same headaches of owning a European car!

Also, not having to worry about filling up gas and saving in costs was a no brainer!

Take a look inside its car

We love red interior with this wonderful Ipad on centrale console. We feel like we are in a luxury sportscar. Technology is a new lifestyle for this owner.

The exterior is reflecting the entire work

The theme of my Tesla is to pay homage to Kobe Bryant! I named it Mamba after my favorite player in the NBA. I wanted to incorporate the color of the mamba as well as have bits and pieces of Kobe instilled on the design! Here’s a few photos of what I mean.


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