The practice of ceramic treatment interests more and more members but still remains the greed of the initiates.

I don’t always understand all the motivations of owners of Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X or any other luxury vehicle who, after buying their vehicle with a superb color, go to specialized garages to have it treated with ceramics. Here’s a little guide to help you understand.

What is the purpose of having a ceramic treatment carried out

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, which remains at the discretion of each person’s tastes and colours, we were able to select three main motivations among the owners:

  • facilitate the cleaning of vehicles
  • avoid the deposition of produced particles encountered on the roads
  • preserve the original appearance of the vehicle
  • limit the use of polishing products during the life of the vehicle.

What does the ceramic treatment consist of?

Disclaimer: I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this work must be carried out by a specialized garage that will be pleased to show you previous achievements and better that can be recommended by a reliable source. Any improper handling of the bodywork of a Tesla – like any other vehicle – is irreversible.

Ceramic treatment consists of the regular and uniform application of a protective layer, but it requires experience and a suitable environment. We detail the steps that the specialists follow:


Select a garage that has a suitable working environment that has excellent brightness while being protected from dust and rain.

The main stages of the protocol

  • Prewashing, washing and polishing 
  • Very important, eliminate the oils that result from the polishing step
  • Use a degreaser that removes any old protection (silicones, resins, cover etc…).

You will have understood it, if a professional, does not evoke with you this protocol, it is better not to entrust your vehicle to him.

What’s not true about the ceramic treatment

Some professionals who are just starting out or who don’t care about customer loyalty resort to misrepresentations that we want to demystify.

  • No, the ceramic treatment will not spare you from washing your vehicle regularly.
  • The mineral hardness index (MOHS): to judge the performance of the ceramic treatment, professionals use it, listen because it is always pleasant but keep in mind that diamond represents an index evaluated at 10H. This means that if a professional talks to you about a product that will be resistant to 8H, it’s marketing.
  • It will probably still be necessary to do a polish
  • You may have to add a protective film if you want a different result.
  • No, it’s not the silver bullet to prevent vandalism.

I hope you find this advice useful. Do not hesitate to send us pictures of your cars and tell us about your experiences, good or bad.

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