The electric scooter is now part of our daily life. For all two-wheelers who are aware of the ecological approach, trying it is adopting it. Contrary to the car, there is much less criticism about the range or recharging because the scooter targets a young and urban population.

A very favourable context

The electric scooter clearly has the wind in its sails and all the more so in these times of confinement when we talk almost daily about green recovery. Indeed, the new world cannot be perceived without a change in mentality.

Currently, it is in the major metropolises that the transition is developing and for several reasons:

  • Significant efforts are being made by manufacturers to extend the range of electric scooters.
  • Respect for the environment is a wish shared by urban youth.
  • State aid is proposed to help SMEs and students to acquire an electric scooter.

A changing market

In this context, the offer is becoming denser and actors are choosing to differentiate themselves by the design and the history that the product can represent.

Among these brands, we were pleasantly surprised by the 2twentyscooters brand which offers a retro design for an electric scooter. We let you judge for yourself:


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