We asked several electric vehicle owners about their new habits as an electric vehicle owner.

Problems common to all owners

A new passion for planning

Planning a road trip used to be time consuming. Took me a good evening filling in maps and making notes. Now it takes 5 seconds for the same trip of a 1000km to be calculated. Modern apps help a lot. Making an smart app using the logic and thinking of more than 10yrs driving. @NissanElectricA via Twitter

Owner’s Tips

On the pure theme of electricity… I think that there is a big job to be done on the pedagogy of charging stations because it’s the point that really interests me because I spend hours looking at specialized sites but I’m not sure that it’s the envy of everyone… then I think that people absolutely have to try the car and it will make people change… in the opinion of many the electric motor is fabulous … moreover a comparative table over a year of gasoline consumption compared to the electric consumption would also be interesting … for me before the purchase the idea to also talk about the personal installation at home because it is an integral part for me of the purchase of the electric car … @mique24 via Twitter

Legitimate questions

Personally, the pre-purchase concerns to be documented are the battery life, should we buy or rent this type of car? what maintenance will be done afterwards? and for a tesla where the dealerships are far away, what to do in case of need of repairs? The question about charging badges is also complex and can be frightening, so it should be simplified. Also the time of recharging because in the head of a non-initiated it takes a very very long time so it is important to bring factual elements on this subject. After to be honest today many buyers of electric cars are passionate which is my case so from there to tell you that I lost time before my purchase not really seen that it’s a passion … @mique24 via Twitter

A new desire to share

My wife and I are recent owners of a Tesla Model S Grand Autonomie delivered at the end of March during the containment and therefore delivered via the Tesla “contactless” procedure (Tesla Center of Brussels).
Of course, we have not had the chance to really enjoy our TMS but we have already been able to realize its capabilities and the pleasure it should give us.
Of course, it is not perfect since in May I will return to the Tesla Center to fix a whole series of “small” defects found on delivery. @chm000 via Forum Tesla Magazine

I’m a bagnolard and a big rouleur, at the end of last September I took the step to leave my thermal and switch to electric,
and own a Tesla model 3 LR large autonomy Dual Motor white color with option fully autonomous driving, 18″ Aero wheels since this acquisition (6 months) I have traveled over 15,000 km, I discovered a new world with this car and I absolutely do not regret my thermals (Bmw), we like or dislike, but I love its silence, its cool driving, and wake up in it, its hidden brutality that we have underfoot and has nothing to envy the German or French brands … @Pat Bret via Forum Tesla Magazine

I’ve been following the Tesla news for a few years now. I’ve gotten very close to Tesla in the last few months, especially after a visit to Gennevilliers before Chambourcy took over. Big fan of cars for many years, especially German cars from Wolfsburg (5), Munich (3), Ingolstadt (7) or Zuffenhausen (3). Recently an “old” Mini Cooper has joined the current garage which also consists of an X5 F15 and a Golf 7 GTD. @NordNico via Forum Tesla Magazine

After 5 years in DS5 Hybrid and 2 years with a Zoé (in addition to the DS5 not as a replacement) I dreamed of switching to electric but with a different autonomy than the Zoé première. Unfortunately my finances didn’t allow me to do so… Today it’s possible and from 3 cars (a nearly 30 years old corsa + the Zoé and the DS5 H4), we’re going to go to 2, the corsa… and probably a Model 3. I was thinking of a long range, with autopilot. I had the opportunity to try the Model 3 performance of a member of the mguw forum, and the slap it, it’s superb in real life and after a little test, I was literally glued to the seat and I wanted one. I called Tesla this morning to see because I need the autopilot AND the tow hook for the bike mount. They found me a grey interior black autopilot and hook, with a performance option. If I understood well the long range with the performance engine/power for 1000€ more, and available in Paris… then I’m getting a little bit more comfortable as they say … @Titanium31 via Forum Tesla Magazine

My name is Samuel, Teträm, it has to do with my bear-like physique and the fact that I have been riding off-road for years with a Patrol (trol).
So, I have 3 teenagers (two of them are my girlfriend’s and one of mine) and I live near Brussels.
I manage two tire stations and after sharing with customers who drive Tesla, after waiting for improved models (battery, price, perceived quality improvement, …), I sign up for a TMX thanks to the June ad: free superchargers.
I live near Nivelles, I work in Diegem (SC in each place). It was part of the calculation when I bought it. Delivery this saturday at 14:00, so impatient. It’s black everywhere (except for the chromes which I think will be black).
I was looking to replace my Renault Espace Initiale, 7 seats including a first row with 3 comfortable seats and not 40/20/40, rather premium, and the Tesla S or X never left my short list. I even had to make up my mind before the Renault, but I didn’t dare go through with it. Next to the wagon, I have a Z3M roadster for the nice days and I keep an old Dodge RAM equipped for the TT plus for the noise and the off-beat side. I will take the time to browse the site (which I already read before registering).
If you have any tyre questions, I’ll be happy to help you. @Teträm via Forum Tesla Magazine

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