We tell you more about this initiative, which helped to raise 3.5 million euros at the Pasteur Institute in 2019, and who thanked them in a video that I ask you to see to understand the strength of the subject we are about to discuss.

Remerciements à Zevent par l’institut Pasteur

Zevent In a few words

Zevent is a charity project founded by Adrien Nougaret and Alexandre Dachary. The goal is to bring together gamers who play for more than 50 hours, during a marathon orchestrated by video game streaming animators. Since 2016, they have been organizing gamers marathons which allow each edition to raise funds for the Pasteur Institute. We told you in introduction, for the 2019 edition it is no less than 3.5 million that have been collected.

Pourquoi une Tesla Model 3 Rose Hello Kitty?

Well hold on, there’s no rational reason to want a pink Hello Kitty Tesla Model 3. Before writing this article, we didn’t know anything about this event and the presenters: But congratulations to them because we were desperate to see ridiculous Tesla models only in the US!

This Tesla Model 3 belongs to Locklear who lost a bet with Squeezie and who presents us under your new car during a video that allows us to appreciate it.

The gamer community

We appreciate all initiatives that are based on the value of humility. Indeed, this initiative dates back to September 2019, long before the Coronavirus epidemic we are currently experiencing. We look forward to the 2020 edition of Zevent which should break this record as the Pasteur Institute is on the front line. The material is of little importance and these youtubers have understood that.

Congratulations to Locklear and Squeezie on that ridiculous Tesla.

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