SpaceX Starlink Will Be Installed on Seaspan’s Entire Fleet



SpaceX’s Starlink will be installed on Seaspan’s entire fleet. Satellite internet will ensure the safety, efficiency, and well-being of ships and their crews, which is critical.

Seaspan announces partnership with SpaceX

Hong Kong container ship owner Seaspan Corporation shared the great news on Friday. The company said it has become the first major container ship owner/operator to equip its entire fleet with the low-latency, high-capacity Starlink services. Seaspan’s announcement of its partnership with Starlink highlighted the growing importance of online communication aboard ships.

On-board communications play a critical role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and well-being of ships and their crews while on voyage. This increases situational awareness, facilitates timely decision making, and plays a huge role in the mental well-being of crews. With an internet connection, the team can communicate with families, access entertainment, news, and maintain a sense of normalcy during extended travel.

Collaboration between the companies is not new

Seaspan and Starlink started cooperation back in 2021. The company was one of the first users of the maritime flat panel antenna mount kit. After testing, Seaspan confirmed that this technology will meet the unique needs of container ship offshore operations. After testing successfully in 2022, the company moved on to integrating this advanced technology across its entire fleet.

« This collaboration with SpaceX Starlink supports Seaspan’s strategic vision of treating any vessel no differently than a remote office from an IT Services and Support provision perspective, » said Chris Sepp, Vice President of Information Technology at Seaspan.

« The low Earth orbit, low latency, high bandwidth service provided by SpaceX’s Starlink allows us to deliver on this vision and our commitment to our crew, as well as their safety and comfort onboard our vessels. »

« The decision to roll out this technology across Seaspan’s entire fleet has been greatly influenced by the positive feedback received from Seaspan’s seafarers during the initial deployments, the company said. »

« We are deploying management and cyber risk tools and technologies so we can more effectively and efficiently support our growing vessel fleet at scale. »

« Crew feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Integrating this technology is a core foundational pillar of our Digital Strategy. »


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