SpaceX Starlink Will Enter the Malaysian Market, PM Confirms after Elon Musk Talk



SpaceX Starlink will enter the Malaysian market, an official has said. The announcement comes after the country’s Prime Minister held a virtual meeting with Elon Musk to discuss significant investment in Malaysia.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim met with Elon Musk on Friday in a virtual meeting. They discussed SpaceX’s satellite internet division, Starlink. This technology can help improve internet connectivity in rural Malaysia. This initiative will enhance people’s opportunities and well-being, especially in terms of education, agricultural technology potential, and income generation.

“We also discussed the participation of SpaceX in the Starlink satellite service, which can contribute to faster and broader internet access, especially in remote areas that require minimal physical infrastructure and land to improve global internet connectivity,” Anwar said in a statement on Friday, according to Technode Global.

Starlink is a division of SpaceX that provides high-speed internet. Starlink is a satellite internet constellation that provides high-speed, low-latency broadband internet access around the world. With the help of the service, users can do what no other satellite internet provider can offer.

Malaysia seeks to improve internet access

The Malaysian government has sought to improve internet access in the country. Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil said in March that the issue of internet access in Malaysia, especially in rural areas, would be resolved by June this year. He said that the Ministry of Communications and Digital, through the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, will hold discussions with telecommunications companies to identify and find appropriate solutions.

Tesla is also welcome in Malaysia

In addition to cooperating with Starlink, the government also welcomes Tesla. Anwar said he welcomed the company’s interest and investment decisions in Malaysia, as well as Musk’s willingness to come to the country.

“I also congratulate and appreciate the government’s support for the opening of the headquarters, service center, and Tesla Experience Center owned by Elon in Selangor this year,” he added.


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