Tesla Giga Mexico to Install Innovative Production Lines



Tesla Giga Mexico will install innovative production lines to produce a car on a new platform. The large building area and the installation of the latest equipment will require a construction time of about 12-15 months, according to the governor.

Giga Mexico may be built in 12-15 months

The governor of Nuevo León, the Mexican state where Tesla plans to build its new Gigafactory, Samuel García Sepúlveda was recently interviewed by Milenio Televisión about the facility. He revealed that the original plan was to break the Giga Shanghai construction record. The Chinese factory was built in an impressive nine months. However, Giga Mexico is incredibly huge and will have new equipment installed, so it could take 12 to 15 months to build.

“At the beginning, there was talk that they [Tesla] want to break the Shanghai record in nine months, but after the meetings that we have, the [car] model they want to present, which is an economic model that will be mass-sold, will require a completely new production line,” said García.

“Right now this production line is in the workshop to rendering […] so now we estimate that it could take 12, 14 to 15 months due to the large space that this production line will take, » he added.

Waiting for the final render of the factory

The governor said that the final rendering of the plant is currently pending in order to make the necessary adjustments. Giga Mexico will be Tesla’s largest factory to date.

“We are ready, we need to wait for the final rendering to then adapt, polish and launch the projects that Nuevo León has been ready to start since November, and as soon as Tesla tells us to go ahead, we will start,” said García.

Tesla is the driver of the state’s economic growth

According to the governor, with the advent of Tesla, a new model of the city is coming to the state that is more sustainable and more interconnected. It also opens up huge growth opportunities for the entire state.

“So, we are using these driving investments, these anchor investments, to offer Nuevo León, Mexico and the world a new city model that is more sustainable, more connected, more innovative, more technological, » said the governor. With this Tesla-spurred economic boom, García sees it as positive that neighboring cities and states are directly benefiting from the foreign investment that will flow into Mexico.

“This is such a large investment that its spill will spread throughout the country.

« With Tesla comes 300 or 400 suppliers and most of them come to Nuevo León. »


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