Tesla Increased its Workforce by 29% in 2022 to 128K Employees



Tesla has increased its workforce by 28,565 employees, or 28.8% in 2022. As of the end of 2022, the company had nearly 128,000 employees working every day to improve the lives of all humanity.

Tesla’s workforce is up 28.8% in 2022 despite the difficult economic environment

Tesla said it had 127,855 employees worldwide as of Dec. 31, 2022. Last year, the manufacturer hired 28,565 new employees, an increase of 28.8%. It should be noted that in 2022, the global economy was experiencing many difficulties, and the automotive sector faced serious consequences. Supply chains and markets were disrupted by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Because of production cuts, the automotive sector continued to lose jobs. However, in these difficult times, Tesla has found a way to develop and expand its production and presence around the world. This led to a significant increase in the number of its employees.

Tesla’s employee layoffs in 2022 were a scare story hyped up by the media

In mid-2022, major media outlets ran a story about the layoffs at Tesla, portraying Elon Musk as the villain. The story about the 10% downsizing of employee count came because of an email the CEO sent to the company’s employees. The media distorted its content, taking only some phrases out of context. The email did contain information that some employees would be laid off. However, it was quite clear the company’s overall workforce would grow.

Musk explained that staff would be reduced in « overstaffed » areas. He also stressed that the cuts would not affect those workers who are employed in manufacturing. Tesla’s CEO wrote in no uncertain terms that the company’s hourly headcount would increase. The 2022 headcount figures confirm that Musk was honest and true to his word. The number of employees grew by almost 30,000 in just one year.

Tesla is an attractive place to work

Tesla received 3.6 million job applications in 2022. The company is still the second most desirable place to work for engineering students after SpaceX. Tesla’s key human capital goals in managing its business include attracting, developing, and retaining top talent, and integrating the principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion into its core values.

The manufacturer seeks to attract a diverse and exceptional group of candidates. Tesla supports their career development once they become employees. The company’s efforts begin at the entry level with development programs, apprenticeships, and internships at local high schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges. Tesla is also committed to hiring people based on talent, not just education. The manufacturer has provided thousands of jobs for capable workers from all walks of life.

Tesla offers very competitive wages. It matches or exceeds the wages of comparable manufacturing positions, even without regard to equity and benefits. In addition, most employees have the opportunity to receive additional Tesla equity each year based on their performance. The company continues to review salaries based on benchmarks and make adjustments. In addition, the manufacturer provides a wide range of benefit options. This includes no-cost paycheck contributions for medical, dental, and vision plan options for employees and family members.


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