Twitter No Longer Considered ‘high risk’ by World’s Biggest Ad Agency



Twitter is no longer considered « high risk » by the world’s biggest ad agency. The appointment of Linda Yaccarino as CEO of the company is having a calming effect on advertisers.

The world’s largest advertising agency no longer considers Twitter dangerous for advertisers

The world’s largest ad agency, GroupM, no longer considers Twitter a « high risk » platform. The change in attitude comes after Linda Yaccarino was announced as the company’s new CEO, and is due to replace Elon Musk in the coming weeks. Yaccarino is NBCUniversal’s former head of advertising, and has extensive experience in the industry.

The information came to light thanks to sources who spoke with the Financial Times. WPP-owned GroupM on Monday removed its « high risk » classification and told its customers the company is « cautiously optimistic » about Yaccarino’s appointment.

Last year, Twitter designated GroupM as « high risk”

Last November, GroupM designated Twitter as « high-risk. » The company has warned its customers against buying ads on the platform. This came after Musk bought the company for $44 billion. The ad agency mentioned concerns such as the numerous « verified » users impersonating high-profile Twitter accounts, and the exodus of Twitter executives leaving or being fired from the company.

Twitter proves its reliability

According to the Financial Times, GroupM has been waiting for Twitter’s top management team to be replenished and the level of malicious content on the platform to have « returned to normalcy. » It is worth noting that, after the purchase of the company, there were groups that coordinated to increase the number of slurs. However, the data that Twitter provides showed the level of hate tweets falling since purchase. Many journalists who loudly blame the platform for the growth of hate speech have failed to provide real evidence of their accusations.

Prior to Musk’s purchase of Twitter, some advertisers had had bad experiences with Twitter. There were cases when advertisements appeared with pornographic content. Since Musk’s purchase, the team has paid particular attention to changes to make Twitter a great place for advertisers. The source said that GroupM is working with Twitter to improve brand safety so that ads do not appear next to problematic content.


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