Elon Musk to Meet Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu to Discuss AI



Elon Musk will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The meeting will take place on Monday and will be about the development of artificial intelligence, according to Musk.

Elon Musk will meet Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to meet X owner Elon Musk on Monday in Silicon Valley. As originally reported by the Washington Post, the meeting will discuss X. According to the newspaper and other outlets, it could have been about an alleged rise in anti-Semitic language on the social media platform. The speculation is that the meeting with Netanyahu could ease the growing tension that has been created by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which published a controversial report. However, despite the inflated rumors, the topic of the conversation was clearly revealed.

AI will be a topic of discussion

Without waiting for the rumors to spread even more widely, Musk decided to immediately clarify the purpose of the meeting. Replying to a post on X containing a link to a Washington Post article, he wrote the real reason for the meeting. Musk clarified that it will concern AI, not ADL. Additionally, he said that a meeting on this topic was scheduled between him and Netanyahu several weeks ago.

Musk is worried about the future of AI

The development of AI is gaining momentum. The industry has received significant investment. In March, Musk joined a call by more than 1,000 experts to put an end to the creation of giant artificial intelligence “digital minds.” Tech leaders were told to wait until the world was sure that “effects will be positive and risks manageable.”

On Wednesday, Musk joined the Senate’s AI Insight Forum, hosted by Chuck Schumer. There, participants discussed how Congress should establish safeguards in the field of artificial intelligence. Musk told reporter it was “important for us to have a regulator which you can think of us as a referee, to ensure that companies take actions that are safe and that are in the interests of the general public.” Musk also told CNBC he shared with the gathering his concerns that AI was a “double-edged sword.”

“It was a very civilized discussion among some of the smartest people in the world,” he said. “I thought Senator Schumer did a great service to humanity here, with the support of the rest of the Senate, and I think something good will come of this. This meeting may go down in history as being very important for the future of civilization.”


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