Tesla Giga Texas Starts Installing Megapacks for its BESS

Tesla Giga Texas has started installing its own BESS consisting of 68 Megapack units. The first six Megapacks are already in place. Upon completion, the 136 MW BESS will store energy from solar panels, which are placed on the roof of the factory.

Tesla strengthens Texas energy infrastructure

In February 2021, Texas was hit by winter storms. As a result, millions of people were left without electricity for several days. Construction on Giga Texas was also halted at the time due to power problems. The company became one of those who helped the local population. Tesla donated and delivered food and essentials to affected neighborhoods. In addition, this situation prompted the company to help the state strengthen its energy market.

Tesla entered the Texas energy market

In early March 2021, it became known that Tesla was entering the Texas electricity market. At that time it became known that the company was going to build a large energy storage battery connected to the grid. Later it became known that Tesla is building a project consisting of 81 Megapacks in Angleton. In addition, in late August, the company applied to become an electricity supplier in Texas and announced its plans to enter the state’s energy market. The Texas Public Utility Commission certified Tesla as an electricity provider in the state in a filing dated November 3, 2021.

Giga Texas gets huge solar installation

After Giga Texas’ main building was completed, observers noticed that its roof began to be covered with solar panels. Tesla sought to partially provide itself with energy, so as not to depend on the state energy system. Since solar panels alone could not provide reliability, Tesla began to develop a plan to install an energy storage system.

Tesla builds its own BESS with Megapacks

In March 2022, Tesla applied for a new project at Giga Texas. It is called “GIGA TEXAS LCRA PERMANENT SWITCHYARD & BESS” and it is located on 53 acres of land. The project plan showed that Tesla would form a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) of 68 Megapack units. The total capacity will be about 136 MW. Construction of the Giga Texas project has already begun.

The first Megapack units have already been installed

According to Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter, who oversees the progress of Giga Texas construction, the first Megapacks have already arrived. He reported that he noticed six units were already installed. In addition, the installation of transformers continues and a few more concrete pads remain to be installed.

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