FIA President’s Awards 2023: Honoring Innovations in Climate, Road Safety, and Diversity

The prestigious 2023 FIA President’s Awards have illuminated the path of sustainable development and safety in the automotive world. Recognizing the contributions of its members globally, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has awarded three clubs for their exceptional achievements in climate action, road safety, and diversity and inclusion.

Climate Action Recognition – Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC):

ADAC’s innovative approach to climate action has earned it the award for its “ADAC Pendlernetz – powered by twogo” initiative. This ride-sharing platform aims to mitigate traffic and emissions, especially around significant sporting events. Dr. Gerd Essner, ADAC Sport President, expressed delight in the recognition, emphasizing the platform’s role in offering sustainable transport solutions and reducing emissions.

Road Safety Initiative – Automobile Club of Moldova (ACM):

ACM’s commitment to road safety is commendable, meriting the Road Safety Award for their ‘Safer School Zone’ campaign. This initiative has driven impactful policy changes, including mandatory 30km/h speed limits and enhanced infrastructure near schools. ACM President Serghei Diaconu highlighted the honor and appreciation for the FIA’s support, hoping that the policy will significantly contribute to achieving the UN’s global road safety goals.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion – Motorsport South Africa:

Motorsport South Africa’s dedication to inclusivity and diversity in motor sports earned them the award in the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion category. Their initiative in motor sport classes at Daniel Pienaar Technical High School has notably increased participation among girls and students from underrepresented backgrounds. Anton Roux, Chairman of Motorsport South Africa, acknowledged the award, emphasizing the impact on the young students benefiting from the program.

The 2023 FIA President’s Awards, presented by President Mohammed Ben Sulayem in Baku, Azerbaijan, highlight the diverse yet unified efforts of the FIA community towards a more sustainable, safe, and inclusive future in motoring and motorsport. The €10,000 financial contribution to each winner is not just a reward but a commitment to furthering these valuable initiatives. As entries for the next year’s awards open in spring 2024, the FIA continues to inspire and drive positive change globally.

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