Hidden Features and Changes in Tesla App 4.31.5

The Tesla app continues to evolve, providing users with an enhanced experience and innovative features. Version 4.31.5 unveils significant hidden changes that promise to transform user interaction with their vehicles. Here are the highlights of this update:

Demo Mode for Non-Tesla Owners

For the first time, Tesla introduces a demo mode accessible to individuals who do not own a Tesla vehicle. This feature allows potential users to explore the app, offering a glimpse into the Tesla user experience and functionalities without the need to own a vehicle.

Code for Model 3 Performance / Ludicrous

The app now includes specific code for the Model 3 Performance / Ludicrous, suggesting improvements or exclusive features for these models. Intriguingly, the code mentions “wishbone20,” potentially referring to new customization options or performance enhancements.

Code for Smart Summon

Smart Summon, allowing your Tesla to come to you or park itself automatically, receives code updates, indicating potential improvements to this already futuristic feature.

Code for PowerShare

A captivating new addition is the inclusion of code for PowerShare. This feature could allow Tesla vehicles to share their power, paving the way for new interactions between electric vehicles.

Base Camp Mode for Cybertruck

Lastly, the Base Camp mode, specifically for the Cybertruck, is introduced. Designed for adventure enthusiasts, this mode would transform the Cybertruck into a mobile campsite, offering features tailored to the needs of campers.

These hidden changes in Tesla app 4.31.5 illustrate Tesla’s ongoing commitment to innovation and enhancing user experience. By introducing features accessible to a broader audience and improving the capabilities of its vehicles, Tesla reaffirms its leadership position in automotive technology.

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