Elon Musk has always taken the feedback from Tesla owners very seriously. Especially when the requested evolution brings a fun side to Tesla or when it concerns superchargers and these requests are sent to him via Twitter.

Do you remember?

One of the first Tweet that was followed by effect was that of Loïc Le Meur in 2016 who hooked the boss of Tesla by informing him that many idiots were parking in the spaces reserved for Tesla. He immediately replied by “(…) we will take action. »

Pokémon superchargers?

Right now social networks are overwhelmed with videos of owners from around the world playing Mario Kart on the Tesla Model 3 screen while the Tesla recharges. That’s why we think it’s almost certain that Tesla is seriously considering integrating Pokémon Go or a similar virtual reality game.

We’ve talked enough about Tesla’s in-car cameras for the autopilot, but you’re wondering how to implement such a game on a car? Well, a lot of Pokémon go players are already using the car to collect rare Pokémon. And there’s nothing to stop the Tesla from recording a certain amount of information that can be viewed when the car is stationary. For example, information about competitors you meet on the road or information about nearby points of interest. Why not imagine a game close to superchargers or hotels that have integrated the destination charger program and feel neglected since the end of the program.

Tesla Magazine Information

We would like to take this opportunity to announce two important pieces of information about Tesla Magazine:

  • Our new forum has arrived – a big thank you to Jean for the deployment: Go ahead and give us your feedback. You can win a polo shirt for the best feedback!
  • We refer free of charge VTC drivers who drive in their own vehicle. Send us your requests.

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