VIDEO – Innovative modification on Cybertruck

A video featuring an extensively modified Tesla Cybertruck, dubbed the “Cyber Rail,” has sparked my interest. This piece not only showcases the vehicle’s impressive modifications but also its performance in various off-road conditions. Below are the strengths and areas for improvement of this video, complete with specific timestamps for key highlights.

What we liked about this story :

  1. Innovative Modifications: The video presents a Tesla Cybertruck transformed with sand tires, paddle wheels, and a Ford Raptor suspension, introducing it as possibly the first widebody Cybertruck. The customization work by Sparks Motors is thoroughly detailed, offering viewers an in-depth look at what makes this Cybertruck unique. [Timestamp: 0:43-1:35]
  2. Dynamic Testing Environment: Demonstrating the Cybertruck’s capabilities in sand dunes provides a captivating viewing experience. It highlights the vehicle’s adaptability to extreme conditions, proving its versatility beyond urban settings. [Timestamp: 2:15-2:59]
  3. Community and Collaboration: The video emphasizes the collaborative spirit among enthusiasts, with mentions of contributions from various individuals and companies. This community aspect adds a layer of depth to the project, showcasing the passion and effort behind the Cybertruck’s transformation. [Timestamp: 3:36-4:07]

Areas for Improvement

  1. Narrative Clarity: While the video excels in showing the Cybertruck’s modifications and capabilities, a clearer overarching narrative could enhance viewer engagement. Introducing specific goals or challenges for the vehicle to overcome might add suspense and structure to the content.
  2. Technical Explanations: For viewers interested in the mechanical aspects of the modifications, the video could benefit from more detailed explanations of the technical choices made, such as the advantages of the specific suspension system used or the performance of sand tires versus standard ones.
  3. Safety Considerations: Given the extreme conditions and modifications showcased, the video could address safety precautions taken during the testing process. Highlighting these aspects would not only inform viewers but also promote responsible off-roading practices.


This exploration of a customized Tesla Cybertruck offers an exhilarating glimpse into the potential of electric vehicles in off-road environments. By expanding on the narrative structure, delving deeper into the technical modifications, and emphasizing safety, future videos could offer an even richer and more engaging experience. How might these modifications influence the future of electric vehicle design and utility in extreme sports and conditions?

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