SK Signet & Tritium Adopting Tesla NACS

More charging equipment manufacturers have adopted Tesla’s NACS. SK Signet and Tritium have joined an already solid coalition to bring the new charger standard to any global market where it will be adopted.

The industry is gradually switching to Tesla’s NACS

Fundamental changes to the charging network for electric vehicles have already begun. Following Ford and GM, a number of charger manufacturers around the world have announced they are adopting the North American Charging Standard (NACS). These are not only American companies, but those located in Europe and even Australia.

SK Signet expands its chargers with NACS

SK Signet, which is considered one of the leading suppliers of DC fast chargers in the US, has shared an update. Seung-June Oh, president of SK Signet America, stated, “SK Signet will continue to expand charging options for EVs, including those with NACS standards, to support the build-out of a robust US charging network,” according to a Reuters report. SK Signet’s clients include Electrify America, EVgo, Applegreen Electric, Revel, and TeraWatt Infrastructure.

Tritium announced the adoption of NACS

Australian fast charger manufacturer, Tritium, has also announced support for the Tesla charging connector. The company was among the first to back the idea of adding a NACS plug to its fast chargers earlier this month. Currently, Tritium chargers are offered with a combined charging system (CCS1), CCS2 (Europe and Asia) or CHAdeMO plugs. The company will not only provide its customers with new chargers with NACS but also offer a retrofit kit to upgrade existing chargers.

Tritium CEO Jane Hunter said:

“Tritium is committed to enabling the rapid transition to electric vehicles by providing our customers and EV drivers with fast and reliable charging options that can charge any model of EV. As the EV industry aligns on global technology standards, Tritium is committed to supporting any connectors which are widely used in our primary markets of Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific region. We look forward to adding Tesla’s NACS connector to our US chargers, and to our chargers in any other markets which decide to adopt the NACS connector, to provide a seamless and simple charging experience for the growing range of EV models.”

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