Tesla Cybertruck Production Line in Texas Already Running

Parts of the Tesla Cybertruck production line at Giga Texas are already in operation, video footage shows. It looks like testing of its individual stages has been launched. Single-piece castings made by Giga Press are spotted in the shop, hinting at solid progress toward bringing the truck into production.

Cybertruck production is on the way

The test start of production of Cybertruck is close, if not already started. Over the past few months, we have watched how equipment for its production has been delivered to Giga Texas. The list of jobs required for Cybertruck production on the Tesla website is also constantly growing. Initially, the company expected to start test production in mid-2023 and so far everything is going according to plan.

First look at the Cybertruck production line

During the announcement of financial results for Q1 2023, Tesla showed that the installation of the production line for Cybertruck is progressing well. The company shared several photos right in its report. However, now we have a fresher look at it.

Until recently, the windows at the Giga Texas factory part where the Cybertruck production line is located were closed. But on Friday, the factory’s progress observer, Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter, noticed that the windows are now open. He managed to look inside and get a partial idea of what has been achieved.

The footage shows the two huge Giga Presses that have a clamping force of 9,000 tons. Not far from them, on the floor, lay at least four single-piece casts—integral parts of the truck. You can also see areas that will be reinforced, probably to accommodate very heavy and bulky equipment. In addition, in the area that was photographed, you can see many boxes with parts for equipment and a place to check the quality of the parts produced.

The leaked video shows the production line from inside

Friday was especially rich in Cybertruck news. In addition to the video shot by Joe, a short video and some photos taken right in the factory were also posted on Twitter. Greggertruck/Twitter shared them on the platform. One of the photos showed a large box labeled “PC-Cyber-Bin-51.” The other photograph is of sheet metal bent into a specific shape. It resembled the outer shell of a door. In a short video, a part of the Cybertruck frame is filmed right on the production line. All of this shows us that Tesla is already making Cybertruck parts. However, it remains unclear whether even a single truck made entirely on the ramp at Giga Texas has rolled over.

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