Tesla Giga Shanghai Phase 1 Battery Line Resumes Work for Model 3 Highland: Report

Tesla is gearing up to start shipping the Model 3 Highland in September, according to a report. It is reported that in order to ensure production capacity, it is also planned to resume production at the Giga Shanghai Phase 1 battery line, which was previously stopped.

Tesla Model 3 Highland deliveries will start in September

Although Tesla continues to remain silent on its updated Model 3, codenamed Highland, rumors continue to circulate. According to a new report from Chinese media outlet 36kr (via CnEVPost), mass production and deliveries of the facelifted Tesla Model 3 will begin at the end of September. The publication refers to several sources familiar with the matter. This is in line with earlier leaks that also cited September as a possible start time for Model 3 deliveries.

Deliveries of Model 3 to Europe postponed to October-November

In addition to the existing rumors, there are other indicators that hint that the mass production of the updated Model 3 can only begin in September. The order configurator for Europe shows that deliveries of this car model have been pushed back to October-November. With production only starting in September, Tesla would not be able to deliver cars faster than October-November. The report notes that the new Model 3 has been completely updated both outside and inside.

In-factory battery production in the Phase 1 shop resumes

Another interesting detail in 36kr’s report is that in order to ensure production capacity, the operation of the Phase 1 battery production line at Giga Shanahai will be resumed. It is reported that this should happen in September. Previously, it was stopped due to cost reduction and the transition to a more efficient production line, Phase 2.2.

“Some production line personnel are currently returning to their positions, but some won’t be back, and it’s unclear how much it will eventually be restored,” a source said.

The 36kr report says that this move was corrected at short notice. Tesla has estimated the expected sales of the new Model 3 and new orders as a result of price cuts. It seems that, after that, it decided to increase its capacity of battery production. Giga Shanghai has had three battery production workshops: Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 2.2. Phase 1 was stopped earlier due to lower efficiency. It was to be completely replaced by the highly efficient Phase 2.2. According to today’s 36kr report, the Phase 1 battery shop can produce 3,000-4,000 battery packs per week, while Phases 2 and 2.2 can produce about 10,000 each. At full capacity, these three battery factories can deliver around 100,000 battery packs per month.

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