Tesla Improves Semi’s Windshield Wiper System

Tesla is improving its Semi’s windshield wiper system, patent application shows. The windshield of the Tesla electric truck has an unusual shape, which requires the search for individual solutions that provide high functionality and aerodynamics.

Tesla is improving its Semi truck

Tesla has filed a patent for “Windshield Wiper Systems.” The invention described therein relates to a windshield wiper system for Semi truck or other vehicles having an unusual windshield shape. The invention described is intended to “reduce drag on the vehicle and/or vary an angle of attack of a wiper blade against a windshield.” Specifically, it refers to “a slider-crank wiping mechanism with variable curvilinear blade sweep that increases the maximum allowable wiping sweep of the pantograph wiper system for enhanced windshield cleanability.”


High demands are placed on windshield cleaning systems. They must have an ergonomic design that makes them not only effective in cleaning the windshield but also in reducing drag and wind noise on the vehicle when not in use. In trucks, windshield wipers can be quite large and positioned against the direction of airflow. This leads to the fact that aerodynamics are violated.

Tesla makes high-performance cars. Even when it comes to its Semi trucks, the company strives to achieve the best possible aerodynamic performance. After all, good aerodynamics also increase the distance the truck can travel on a single charge.

Windshield wipers must meet high standards

Standards and regulations provide minimum requirements for wiped areas as a percentage of the windshield viewing areas for each individual vehicle. Traditional pantograph wiper systems are ideal for semi-trailers, heavy trucks and buses that are moderately sized like a regular square. They also take up the least space in a vehicle as they do not have large linkages in motion. However, Semi has a different shape, so traditional windshield wipers are not suitable for it. That is why Tesla is constantly working to improve the systems used in the truck.

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