Tesla May Add Official Support for Third-Party Apps in its Cars

Tesla may add support for third-party apps, which is highly welcome news. At the moment, the function is probably in the emergent stage, since only the visual display of the tab has appeared, but it does not work yet.

Tesla added a Third Party Apps tab

Tesla has made some changes to the car owner account settings. According to the Not A Tesla App, there is a new option in Profile Settings. It should allow owners to use third-party applications directly from the car. It seems that at the moment, this feature is in the emergent stage. Visually, you can see the Third Party Apps tab, however it does not work.

The find hints at official support for third-party apps

It is not known how long ago this tab appeared. However, the finding may hint that a third-party apps support feature is in development. If Tesla implements it, it will be excellent news for the company’s customers. In fact, the development will allow owners to have an official, more handy and secure way of privacy, allowing other services to access the car.

At the moment, Tesla officially offers only its own services for the car. This is a good step to ensure the safety of the vehicle. However, there are many third-party apps on the market that Tesla owners really like. Therefore, by allowing owners to use third-party services officially, the company can provide more controlled access.

Tesla Third Party Apps is still not confirmed

The addition of this feature is indeed very welcome among Tesla owners. It seems the company has been working on how to properly implement this feature for many years. However, it should be kept in mind that for the company, the issue of safety always comes first. Therefore, it is worth noting that even the appearance of a tab in the profiles of Tesla owners does not confirm the function will be launched.

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