Tesla May Buy EV Wireless Charging Company

The ability to charge electric vehicles without connecting them to charging stations could drastically change the quality of EV ownership. According to a report, Tesla may have bought Wiferion, a German company that develops wireless chargers for electric vehicles.

Tesla may have bought Wiferion

The German branch of Business Insider reported on Tuesday that Tesla is in the process of acquiring German wireless electric vehicle charging company Wiferion. According to the information, Wiferion will transfer its business to Tesla International B.V. The company is a subsidiary of Tesla Inc., operating outside the Netherlands, according to registration in the German Trade Register. Wiferion’s investors have confirmed the company is in the process of being sold, but did not say who the buyer is.

Wiferion is already active in the US

The company is already active in the US. This is possible thanks to a global licensing agreement with WiTricity signed last year. It gave Wiferion access to a portfolio of patented intellectual property to further develop wireless charging capabilities for electrical industrial devices, including robots and transport carts.

Wiferion unveils Tesla Model 3 prototype

After an agreement was reached with WiTricity, Wiferion unveiled the Tesla Model 3 prototype. It can be charged with up to 11 kilowatts of power through the Halo wireless charging system. This gives a range increase of about 35-40 miles per hour. The company said that this charger is on par with level 2 AC plug-in chargers.

Tesla teased wireless charging at Investor Day

In March, during the 2023 Investor Day event, Tesla already teased wireless charging. The company showed a picture of a red Model S with a floor platform underneath. A charger hung on the wall, connected to a floor platform. If the rumor about the Wiferion purchase turns out to be true, it means that wireless charging could soon be around the corner for Tesla customers, which would take EV ownership to a new level.

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