Tesla Megapacks to Power Energy Storage Project in Belgium

Tesla Megapack units have been selected to power the 50MW/200MWh Eneco energy storage project in Belgium. The power plant will be used to balance the Belgian power grid. Commissioning is scheduled for 2024.

Eneco invests in a major battery storage project

Dutch energy company Eneco said it is investing in a major battery storage project in Wallonia. With the installation of a 50 MW/200 MWh battery storage system, sustainable electricity can be used more efficiently to balance the Belgian grid. The building permit has already been received. The company ordered Megapack batteries from the industry leader, Tesla. At the moment, preparatory work is underway. According to the plan, the project will be put into operation by the end of 2024. The battery power plant at Ville-sur-Aine in Wallonia will be wholly owned.

Tesla Megapacks will be used for the project

The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Wallonia will consist of 53 Megapacks from Tesla. Its total capacity will be 50 MW/200 MWh. The BESS will be able to supply power to the grid for four hours. Wind turbines and solar panels will take over most of the electricity generation. By being stored, energy can be offered when needed to keep the grid in balance. In cooperation with the Belgian high-voltage grid operator Elia, the battery makes efficient use of the ever-increasing amounts of variable solar and wind energy and balances the power of the grid.

“We are strengthening our renewable energy activities in order to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. In this regard, energy storage is very important to absorb the fluctuations of renewable energy. This project is an important step for us towards a CO2-neutral energy system in 2035,” said Tine Deheegher, manager of Renewable Energy Solutions at Eneco.

Eneco is the largest clean energy player in the country

The battery storage project is another step by Eneco in Belgium’s transition to a fully sustainable energy system. The company has 128 onshore wind turbines, participation in two of Belgium’s largest offshore wind farms, and nearly 400,000 solar panels. Thanks to its efforts, Eneco is the largest clean energy player in the country. The construction of this energy storage battery is now an additional contribution to the energy system in Belgium.

With this project, Eneco is taking a new step towards a fully sustainable energy system in Belgium. In addition, the company is pursuing the One Planet Plan with the goal for the country to become fully climate neutral by 2035. Batteries play an essential role in achieving this goal.

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