Tesla Model 3 Highland Leaked Photo Is Real, a Source Confirms

Recently leaked photo of the Tesla Model 3 Highland is likely real, a source said. The same source also previously reported changes, some of which were seen in a recently leaked photo.

Tesla Model 3 will undergo design changes

Tesla Model 3 is the car with which the company conquered the mass market. This electric vehicle paved the way for Tesla to the success it now enjoys. Model 3 has not received any major design updates since it was released in 2017. However, in 2023, this should change. For several months now, the Highland project has been familiar to those interested in Tesla. As part of it, the company is fundamentally redesigning Model 3. According to an earlier leak, the changes affect everything from the exterior of the car to its manufacturing process.

Previously leaked photo show an updated Model 3 alpha version

Earlier this week, u/ffiarpg posted a photo of a supposedly updated Model 3 on Reddit. The image looked a little unnatural, which made many people doubt its authenticity. However, a large number of people agreed that whether it was authentic or not, the design looked cool.

On Saturday, Teslascope/Twitter shared more information about the leaked photo and updates regarding the car’s design. According to his source, the image of the Model 3 shared on Reddit is authentic. The photographed vehicle is a prototype build—an alpha version. This means that a car with this design is indeed currently being tested by Tesla, however it also means that changes can be made to it before production begins. In addition, a screenshot of a Teslascope conversation with the source from March 1 confirms the person was indeed familiar with some of the design nuances before the photo was leaked.

Tesla may stop using its in-house seats

The source also said Tesla intends to stop using the seats of its own production. However, keep in mind that the details of this remain unknown. It can concern switching to the use of seats designed and manufactured by another manufacturer, or that another manufacturer will produce seats using Tesla technology. In any case, these details will be clarified in the future.

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