Among the differences between the versions of Tesla Model 3 sold by Tesla are the rims. Indeed, with the standard longer-range and extended-range versions, you’ll benefit from the aero wheels that are clearly not universally accepted by owners.

Get the look of the Tesla Model 3 Performance

If you haven’t bought a Tesla Model 3 Performance but aren’t excited about the look of aero rims, you can gain a performance look with a tool and Wheel Caps sold by Tesla or make your own with a 3D printer. ( If you want to know how, please comment on this article and we will explain you how to do it )

Outils modification jante Tesla model 3
tools to remove the aero cover
Wheel Caps Tesla

To easily change the look of your rims, it’s very simple: just use the following tool or any other tool that looks like it to pry the cover on the rims of the first versions of Tesla.

Jantes Tesla Model 3 Standard

You will then discover these rims, don’t you think they look like those of the performance version?

Our recommendations

Before making this change, make sure that you will not be making long trips. The rims, like any part of the car in contact with the air, affect the range of the vehicle. (We agree that this remains marginal).

We invite you to keep the sets of rims that you have removed so that you can always put them back if you wish to change them again.

Do not make this modification until you have received all the elements to transform your rims.

Our forum to guide you

I have on my TM3 the 18 inches aero rims (the ones proposed with the configuration, without any price increase) and I noticed that in fact you can remove the plastic parts and that underneath you discover very nice rims too. You can order at Tesla, or maybe even elsewhere, the central hub and the bolt covers, here is the video I saw on the net

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