Tesla Model S Wins Summer Range Test in Norway

Tesla Model S wins a summer range test in Norway by driving the furthest out of 32 participating electric vehicles. In addition, the car exceeded its WLTP score by 6%.

Tesla Model S Long Range drove the furthest in summer testing

Norwegian Motor and NAF have conducted another series of electric vehicle range tests. They have been held in the winter and summer for several years now. This time, there is a new winner in the summer tests. Tesla Model S Long Range drove further than any other car in the test. The electric sedan traveled 672 km (418 miles). This is 38 km or about 6% more than its WLTP estimate.

Tesla Model S holds the title in winter trials

It is worth noting that the Tesla Model S victory in summer testing is not the first in range testing. Motor and NAF also conducted winter testing in February. Tesla Model S Long Range drove the farthest to win the title. The car traveled 530 km, 16% less than the WLTP estimate. It is worth noting that because the Model S traveled the farthest, it faced tougher terrain and colder temperatures than all the other cars.

Less than half of tested EVs made it through the WLTP range

In summer testing, Motor and NAF tested 32 EVs. According to the data, only about a third of them passed the WLTP range. This result was unfortunate, since during testing there were ideal driving conditions. Many cars were within the WLTP score, which was acceptable. However, a few had a negative deviation of more than 15 percent. This was a truly discouraging result for warm summer weather. In previous summer tests, Motor and NAF got positive results, but this time they did not.

Many cars have a hard time in the mountains

After a good performance for a long time, there were many cars that struggled a lot after climbing the mountain from Dombos. In Dovrefjell, the Subaru Solterra and BYD Atto 3 could no longer continue on their journey. They traveled 360.5 and 364 km respectively. Jeep Avenger stopped after driving 363 km.

In the end, there were five cars that stopped with a negative deviation of about 15 percent: BYD Han, Nio EL7, front-wheel drive Toyota bZ4X, BYD Atto 3, and Subaru Solterra.

The past summer test winner is Tesla Model 3

Tesla is a specialist in producing the most efficient EVs. A past summer test winner that held first place for nearly three years was its Model 3. No vehicle has previously gone farther in Motor and NAF range tests than Tesla Model 3 in the summer of 2021 when it stopped after 654 km. Now Tesla Model S has surpassed its younger sibling by 18 km.

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