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Tesla Model Y Was Denmark’s Best-Selling Car in September

Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in Denmark in September 2023, selling more cars than its five closest competitors combined. At this stage, it is safe to say that Model Y is the most beloved car of the Danes.

The car market in Denmark is growing

Denmark added 14,885 new passenger cars in September. This is 14 percent more than in the same month last year. September was the ninth month in a row with an increase in the number of new registrations, which is a positive factor. Since January, car sales have increased month-on-month compared to the same month last year. The number of new vehicles rose 12 percent in the third quarter. During the three months, 39,679 vehicles were registered, compared to 35,578 vehicles in the third quarter of 2022. Since the beginning of the year, 123,998 new cars have been registered, representing an increase of 14 percent, according to via/ritzau/.

Managing Director of De Danske Bilimportører Mads Rørvig said:

“At the start of the year, there was a lot of uncertainty about what we could expect from the automotive year 2023, but we have been pleasantly surprised by developments over the first three quarters and now expect the total market size in 2023 to be over 170,000 vehicles. This is a significant improvement from 2022 when the level was just under 150,000 vehicles.”

Tesla Model Y continues to increase the number of EVs on the roads

Sales of electric vehicles stood at 6,360 units in September 2023 versus 3,006 in the same period last year. In September, battery electric vehicles and hybrids made up more than half of new car registrations, 51%. This means that every second new car in Denmark was rechargeable, which was largely possible thanks to Tesla Model Y. In the third quarter, the share of electric vehicles was 37 percent, which is a significant achievement. In the third quarter of 2022, their share was 21 percent. Since the beginning of the year, 40,809 new electric vehicles have appeared on Danish roads.

The increasing number of low and zero-emission vehicles is a positive factor for the green transition. However, Rørvig fears a slowdown in development due to the upcoming tax hike in 2026. For now, it seems like the upcoming changes will only boost sales of Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Model Y was September’s best-selling car

The growth of the electric vehicle market is largely driven by Tesla. Sales of Model Y alone accounted for 37.6% of the EV market share. In September, 2,389 units were registered, more than its five closest competitors combined. In second place, with a huge lag, is Peugeot 208 with 666 sales. Opel Corsa is in third place with 455 units. Ford Mustang Mach-E is in fourth place with 342 registrations. In fifth place is Ford Kuga with 338 units sold.

1TeslaModel Y2.389
4FordMustang Mach-E342
7SkodaEnyaq iV306

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