Tesla Open to Licensing Autopilot to 3rd Parties in Future

Tesla strives to be as useful as possible and therefore is open to cooperation with other manufacturers. The company is open to licensing Autopilot/FSD or other of its technology, Elon Musk said.

Tesla Autopilot/FSD is unique

The Tesla Autopilot feature is unique. While other manufacturers rely on LIDAR systems for self-driving functionality, Tesla vehicles use cameras for data collection and spatial orientation. Tesla Autopilot is extremely promising since the company’s cars are the only ones in the market that can navigate and drive through unfamiliar territory. That is why Tesla Autopilot may be of interest to third-party manufacturers.

Tesla is open to Autopilot/FSD licensing for other manufacturers

Back in 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company had already held preliminary discussions about sharing its self-driving software with other manufacturers. Although no more information was revealed, it was very interesting. Musk emphasized that the company is not committed to keeping the software for its own use only. He said that once the software becomes more reliable, Tesla will share it with other companies.

On Monday, Musk again reiterated his position. He tweeted that the company is happy to license Autopilot/FSD or other Tesla technology.

Tesla patents are open

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. On this path, the company’s goal is not monopoly in a certain area, but a common effort to achieve the goal. That is why the company willingly shares patents for its developments. Recently, thanks to Tesla’s efforts, Ford has adopted the Tesla charging port standard. This will give Ford EVs access to Tesla’s wide Supercharger Network in the U.S. For now, charging will take place via Magic Docks, however, later Ford will start producing electric vehicles with Tesla charging ports.

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