Tesla Solar Roof Secures Free Electricity Year-Round

Tesla Solar Roof secures free electricity throughout the year. A well-known YouTuber shared his experience of using the company’s product. He expects to pay back the investment in less than 10 years while using renewable energy.

A well-known YouTuber releases review of Tesla Solar Roof

Tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, has over 17 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is known for releasing video reviews of various products, giving an unbiased opinion. In a recent video, Brownlee talked about the Tesla Solar Roof he has been using for over a year now.

Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall provide clean energy

Brownlee is the owner of a Tesla car and has a positive view of the technologically advanced vehicle. This prompted him to also buy another product from the company, Solar Roof. These are shingles that replace the roof of your home, but they house elements to produce energy from the sun. This provides the household with clean energy from a renewable source.

Buying Tesla Solar Roof for Brownlee was a logical step. He installed a 29.313-kilowatt roof. In addition, he equipped a house with three Powerwall batteries that can store up to 40.5 kWh of energy. Powerwalls store energy from Solar Roof during the day so households can use it in the evening.

Tesla Solar Roof brings zero electricity costs

The total cost of the system was $120,948.04. Thanks to a federal tax credit, the cost at the end of the year was down to about $93,000. Although the cost of the system is high, it brings significant benefits. Brownlee reported that over the past year, his electricity bills were $0. At the same time, he used energy in large amounts every day, including for charging his Tesla electric car.

Not all days of the year were sunny. However, net meter credits—accumulated during periods when the sun was at its brightest—offset days when power generation was lower. Brownlee estimates that given the home’s energy consumption, he could pay back the investment in less than ten years. At the same time, it is worth considering that all this time, he will use environmentally friendly energy obtained from a renewable source.

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