Withings, a specialist in connected objects in the field of health, has released a connected scale that we have had the opportunity to test. If the particularity of this scale is not in the way it weighs itself, Withings has been able to find features that make the difference to renew this object.


Withings has announced a 53 million euros fund raising in the heart of the summer to integrate medical monitoring in daily life, in the :


  • Withings will develop new state-of-the-art connected objects and enhance the existing range.
  • Withings plans to open over 100 outlets by the end of the year.
Eric Carreel, co-founder and President, Withings, Zoov, Invoxia: “We have been moving forward with the same mission since the beginning: to better support everyone’s health by involving the medical profession as closely as possible in our daily lives, thanks to precise, high-quality medical data that comes with a minimum of effort throughout our lives. Recent news shows us that it is urgent to strengthen the ability of professionals to access this information “.



The Withings connected scale is very slim, light and has a sleek design. The glass plate is very pleasant to stand on barefoot when weighing. In the centre of the high surface is a beautiful silver circle which is both useful and aesthetic as a sensor is used for the functions of this connected scale.

At the time of purchase, you will have the choice to keep the original feet so that the scale is flush with the floor. But you will have to be careful because with the original feet the scale can be more or less slippery depending on the floor surfaces. If the scale slips, it is imperative to use the feet provided.

Small aesthetic drawback: over the course of the days the scale can get dirty like an iPhone screen. Unaesthetic traces may appear over time, so it will have to be included in the week’s household chores to keep its singular design.



The cardboard is of excellent quality, the benefits produced are presented directly on the box with Logos and colours.

You will be able to use your scale as soon as you purchase since the batteries are included and the Withings Smartphone (Android and Apple) application is free.



This scale integrates a Wifi antenna and a Bluetooth antenna. If the benefit is not obvious for everyone, after two weeks it must be said that the Wifi is a significant advantage for certain functions that allow you to have information about your home remotely.


Connected Scale


Once the pairing between your Balance Withings Body + and your smartphone has been completed. You will be able to create your profile in 5 minutes directly via the Withings application. You will be asked for your approximate weight, a target weight and your first name.

You will be able to get on your scale, see your weight displayed on the scale as well as your first name to confirm that the scale matches your weight to your profile.

Once this step is over, your scale will recognize you and you will be able to find your weight in your application and over the days your weight curve.

Calculation of fat mass

Fat mass is a data automatically calculated by the scale and that you can find on the screen of the scale and your smartphone.

This is a function of age, gender and BMI.

IMG = (1,2 × IMC) + (0,23 × âge) – (10,8 × S) – 5,4

The result is expressed as a percentage, so the scale saves you some time if this is important to you.

This is a rather qualitative indication that may be useful in the context of a plan.

Calculation of BMI

When creating your profile from within the application, you will be able to enter your height (which you can change over time, more useful for children or teenagers).

At each weighing, the scale transmits your weight to your application and the application transmits your BMI, you will also find a graph.

Air Quality


Here is a function that we are not used to find on a scale and that clearly makes the difference. Indeed, each time the scale is active, it calculates the air quality in your apartment.

It is an essential element in our homes and we are too little used to paying attention to it, but it is nevertheless essential.

The value is indicated in ppm, it is also represented by a graph on the application. Fortunately the application will qualify the data to tell you if the air quality is good or bad. This information may prompt you to open your windows more often.

The temperature


Your connected scale will be able to tell you the temperature of your room. This information is rather unexpected for a scale but it is useful especially at a distance via wifi synchronization. You will probably have to say goodbye to your thermometer.

Data accuracy

The Withings scale strives to calculate my data as reliably as possible. When you are on your scale, arrows show you the position you must hold so that you are at the centre of the scale and so that the data can be identical and therefore reliable as you weigh.

From the application, the history offers optimal accuracy because the graphs draw more precise curves over time.

Profile management

Withings studied all the practical cases: couples, families, singles.

The scale will not only be able to recognize the weight of each individual during the various weighing operations, but it will also be able to transmit the correct data to the right terminal. This is rather a very important subject for a connected scale that can manage up to 8 profiles because weight is a personal data that must be correctly managed and don’t worry, your scale will do it very well.


The Withings Smart Body + is aptly named. It brings new functionalities to an object so common that this product becomes a performance. The connectivity and excellent data management from the Withings application offers a real advantage. The price is not even a hindrance because thanks to the free application, which brings a significant advantage, you can save precious time and abandon the Excel tables, notebooks and spreadsheets that you used to use to monitor your weight and achieve your goals.

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