Volvo Delivers First Electric Trucks in Latin America: A Milestone in Sustainable Transportation

December 20, 2023, marks a historic milestone for Volvo Trucks as the company advances into the Latin American market with its first delivery of heavy electric trucks. This event signifies a significant step in Volvo’s global expansion, making their zero-emission trucks available in Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay.

Volvo’s Electric Trucks: Expanding Global Reach

Volvo Trucks has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution in the heavy-duty truck segment. With this latest achievement, the company has now successfully delivered electric trucks to customers across six continents and in 45 countries. This expansion into Latin America demonstrates Volvo’s commitment to a global transition towards sustainable heavy transport.

Rising Demand for Sustainable Transport in Latin America

The transport sector in Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay is increasingly interested in shifting to more sustainable methods. This growing demand is evident from Volvo’s latest orders. Brazil, a key market for Volvo Trucks, received 26,159 trucks in 2022 alone, highlighting the country’s significant role in Volvo’s global strategy.

Comments from Volvo Trucks Latin America

Wilson Lirmann, President of Volvo Trucks Latin America, expressed pride in being the chosen partner for haulers in the region embarking on their electrification journey. He anticipates a rising trend towards zero-emission truck transport among more companies in Latin America.

Deployment of Electric Trucks

In Brazil, Reiter Log, a major logistics operator, has started utilizing five Volvo FM Electric vehicles across various routes, facilitated by Volvo Financial Services. In Chile, SQM and El Libertador have each commenced operations with a Volvo FH Electric truck. Additionally, Bitafal in Uruguay has begun employing a Volvo FM Electric truck.

Specifications and Range

The electric models of Volvo FH and FM are capable of operating at a total weight of 44 tonnes. Impressively, these trucks can cover up to 300 kilometers on a single charge, showcasing their efficiency and viability for a range of transport operations.

Volvo’s Comprehensive Electric Truck Program

Pioneering in electric truck production since 2019, Volvo Trucks now boasts a diverse portfolio of six electric truck models. These vehicles cater to various transport needs, including city distribution, refuse handling, regional transport, and construction. Looking ahead, Volvo Trucks aims for 50% of its global new truck sales to be electric by 2030, underlining its dedication to sustainable transportation solutions.


Volvo Trucks’ delivery of electric trucks to Latin American countries is more than just a business expansion; it’s a testament to the company’s vision for a greener, more sustainable future in transportation. As electric trucks gain traction globally, Volvo’s role in shaping this future becomes increasingly significant, demonstrating the potential of electric vehicles in transforming the heavy transport industry.

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