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Lucid Motors, what do we know and what should we expect from tomorrow’s unveiling of the Lucid Air? 

Most people may have never heard of Lucid, and more a quick synopsis are a company based out of Newark California designing innovation and paving a new direction in EV competition. The AIR event tomorrow will take place at 4:00 PM PT, revealing their production version of the Lucid Air and its configurator. The clear cut Tesla Model S competitor will be arriving on the scene end of this year (2020). 


The founder Peter Rawlinson, was previously the chief designer for the Tesla Model S and still holds 70 proprietary patents on the Model S. From the first Model S prototype at the Petersen automotive museum, Peter had the job of reconfiguring that prototype to the vehicle we see on the road today. Lucid have been focusing on battery technology for some time and supplying batter innovation for Formula E , something that here at LivingEV believe should have been a direction for Tesla to follow for stress testing. This has shown the new path that Lucid have followed for ultimate efficiency of their battery with their 900+ volt architecture which is able to fast charge at rates which ahem never been seen before (20 miles per minute).  

This is Lucid Air battery management team working on the supply of the Formula E battery packs, In fact Lucid with their world class battery management and technology has finally got Formula E cars to complete an entire race on one charge.

What we should see in the event 

  • “Dream Edition” air production vehicle and pricing options
  • Configurator for pre-orders
  • “Grand Touring” production dates
  • “Touring” Sub $100,000 air
  • Release of the SUV possibly. 
  • Battery through put and architecture
  • Charging Infrastructure

The Airs debut cost should start around $161,500 with FTC and main focus is to draw high end buyers for the future Tesla Model S palladium and introducing a brand derived high quality, no compromises experience. With. Top speed of 235 mph, 0-60 sprint of 2.5s, and 1/4 mile time of just 9.9 seconds it is Lucid’s goal is to attempt and correct all of the short comings that the Model S previously has not accomplished. When asked Rawlinson mentioned

“Let’s just say Elon is paying very close attention to what we are doing here,” he says with a big laugh. 

Peter Rawlinson

Should Tesla be Worried? 

After following Lucid movement in the automotive industry for some time now it is clear to see the path that Lucid is trying to fulfill in the EV market such as the Porsche Taycan and the all new electric BMW 7 series which would break into the market around 2023 according to most sources.

As the CEO, Rawlinson said “‘Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have been that interested in electric. Tesla has piqued my interest, I love what Tesla is doing with electric, but I’m not getting out of my Mercedes for a Model S.’”

Quote by Peter Rawlinson, the CEO of Lucid Motors on the manufacturing Ethos for the Lucid Products

This will be the main focus of tomorrows event… The quality and performance. From my opinion, Tesla should not be worried about Lucid at this moment, as companies, their paths are on two different wave lengths, in terms of “mass market” EV’s as Lucid are only planning on 7000 units for the first year of production.

Lucid Air gallery photo from Lucid Air Website Gallery

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