What’s Happened on 𝕏 Since Elon Musk’s Acquisition?

Since Elon Musk acquired the platform formerly known as Twitter, now rebranded as 𝕏, it has undergone a profound transformation. This overhaul encompasses a broad spectrum of innovations, expansions, and reforms, not only redefining the user experience but also positioning 𝕏 as a global leader in the digital landscape. This article delves into the significant changes and their impact on users, content creators, and the global digital ecosystem under Musk’s stewardship.

Transformation and Growth

Rebranding and Innovation: The rebranding from Twitter to 𝕏 symbolizes a new era of innovation and expansion. This transition goes beyond a mere name change; it reflects an ambitious vision to reinvent social media. Under Musk’s leadership, 𝕏 has witnessed exponential growth, marked by a significant increase in user engagement and an expansion of its services.

Explosive Growth: The platform has recorded record levels of usage, with a 22.3% increase in annual traffic. This success can be attributed to a series of updates and feature additions that have enriched user experience, making 𝕏 a daily destination for millions worldwide.

Technological Advances and AI

Grok AI: The introduction of Grok AI marks a milestone in the application of artificial intelligence on 𝕏. This initiative illustrates the platform’s commitment to integrating advanced AI solutions to enhance content relevance and user engagement. With the announcement of Grok 1.5, 𝕏 positions itself at the forefront of AI innovation.

AI-Driven Algorithms: The announcement that 𝕏 will fully transition to an AI-driven algorithm for its news feed is indicative of Musk’s ambition to maximize personalization and efficiency on the platform. This shift towards AI aims to improve content discovery and offer a tailored user experience.

Support for Creators and Monetization

Monetization and Creator Support: 𝕏 has launched various programs to financially support content creators, including ad revenue sharing and subscription plans for Verified Organizations. These initiatives aim to encourage quality content production and provide creators with effective means to monetize their audience.

Feature Expansion: The introduction of features such as audio/video calling, a job search portal, and improvements to live streaming highlights 𝕏’s commitment to providing a versatile and integrated platform. These tools offer new ways for users to interact, connect, and find professional opportunities.

Security, Privacy, and Community Engagement

Security and Privacy Enhancements: With the introduction of Passkeys for iOS and an Incognito mode, 𝕏 has bolstered its security and privacy measures for users. These updates demonstrate a growing awareness of the importance of online security and data privacy.

Community Engagement: The expansion of access to 𝕏 communities without logging in and the improvement of Community Notes illustrate 𝕏’s desire to foster a more inclusive and interactive online environment. These changes have enabled greater user participation and strengthened the sense of community on 𝕏.

Global Impact and Future Outlook

Global Impact: With over 550 million monthly active users, 𝕏 has surpassed established platforms like Instagram and Facebook in terms of organic traffic from Google. This remarkable performance underscores 𝕏’s growing appeal and its significance as a global communication and information platform.

Innovations and Future Projects: 𝕏’s ambitious projects, such as the introduction of 𝕏 payments and the expansion of money transmitter licenses, indicate a determination to diversify the services offered and to play an increasingly central role in the digital economy. The future of 𝕏 looks promising, with plans to further integrate AI-driven innovations and continually improve the user experience.


Under Elon Musk’s visionary leadership, 𝕏 has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, reinventing itself as an innovative and ever-evolving social media platform. With a focus on technology, creator support, security, and community engagement, 𝕏 not only positions itself as a leader in the social media domain but also as a harbinger of future digital trends. The changes on 𝕏 since Musk’s acquisition showcase the platform’s adaptability, innovation, and positive influence on how we connect and share in the digital space.

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