Why the Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S has Ruined My Life… In the Best Way Possible

Let’s start with a confession: I am not your average car buyer. My driveway has seen an endless parade of vehicles, each replaced within six months in search of the next automotive thrill. However, the ID.3 Pro S, with its exclusive Style finish, has surprisingly halted my car-hopping habits. Why? Because, against all odds, it has won my heart.

Two years ago, I ventured into electric territory, driven by a mix of eco-consciousness and a longing for something new. That’s when the ID.3 caught my eye. Initially skeptical, I was quickly enchanted by its blend of practicality and technological prowess. Its spaciousness, despite a compact exterior, felt like magic.

A range that defies belief

Just imagine, VW claims a WLTP range of 557 km. Even allowing for a margin of error, reaching 545 km on a single charge was mind-boggling. That’s like saying I could drive from Toulouse to Paris without stopping for a coffee. In fact, this endurance capacity plunged me into a kind of existential crisis. Do I really need to go so far without stopping? Isn’t this against the laws of nature, or at least against the sacred tradition of the freeway coffee break?

Charging faster than an espresso

Let’s talk about recharging. A 170 kW boost means you can go from 20% to 80% in less time than it takes to enjoy an espresso. Isn’t that great? But with the time I’ve saved, I’ve found myself chatting to strangers in charging station parking lots, sharing anecdotes about our electric vehicles. My social life was enriched in unexpected ways, and my schedule was turned upside down.

An interior that invites conviviality

The generous space and impressive touchscreen promised a comfortable, high-tech ride. But what VW hadn’t anticipated was that everyone would want to see it up close. As a result, my ID.3 became an extension of my café, welcoming curious onlookers and enthusiasts for impromptu demonstrations. Goodbye, moments of peaceful solitude.

Quiet but blistering performance

With its 204 hp and 0 to 100 km/h time of 7.9 seconds, the ID.3 Pro S has nothing to envy from traditional racing cars, except for its silence. It’s so quiet that the slightest external noise now makes me jump. It’s disturbing, especially as I’ve always been a fan of roaring engines. My coffee-drinking heart has taken a beating.

A top-of-the-range finish at a… astronomical price?

Let’s move on to the Style Exclusive trim of my Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S. We’re talking here about a vehicle priced from €52,990. A tidy sum, isn’t it? So how do you justify such an investment? The answer lies in the details: quality materials, latest-generation on-board technologies, and a driving comfort that makes every journey exceptional. Not to mention the sleek, modern styling that makes this car so much more than just a means of transport. It’s a statement, a symbol of what the future of motoring has to offer.

And then there’s fuel economy. Replacing stops at the pump with recharging sessions, which are more ecological and much cheaper, has enabled me to recoup the initial cost more quickly than expected. Less than €25 for a full tank of energy capable of taking me up to 557 km? That’s almost a steal, especially compared with my old habit of filling up with petrol every week.

Spending so much on a vehicle may seem extravagant, but when you think about it, the investment in an ID.3 Pro S is not just a financial one. It’s an investment in the future, in the planet, and in the pleasure of driving a car that combines performance and environmental responsibility. So yes, it’s expensive, but saving the planet while satisfying my desire for an electric car is priceless.

In conclusion: a life (almost) turned upside down by an electric crush

This Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S Style Exclusive was supposed to be just another car in my automotive journey. Instead, it has become an extension of my personality. I never thought a vehicle could have so much influence on my life.

Volkswagen, hats off to you. You have succeeded in creating an electric car that has not only transported me from point A to point B, but has also enriched my life in totally unexpected ways. Of course, I’m still dreaming of Cybertruck and Tesla Model 2, but in the meantime, my ID.3 Pro S remains unchallenged.

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